Lithuania: The Evelina Sasenko interview

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Evelina Sasenko, the Lithuanian representative in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, has spoken to about her preparations for Düsseldorf. Although Evelina has decided not to promote her song in other countries, her schedule is quite tight as the preparations are on their way.

What is the schedule of the Lithuanian representative? Has it changed since you won the national final?

I must say that there hasn't been any schedule for me before I won the national final. Now it's totally different – all is planned very precisely, every minute has its purpose. I start at 8:00 in the morning and finish at 23:00. I have a lot of meetings every day, I also do songs' recordings, meet journalists. Unfortunately there are no breaks for me, I eat during those meetings!

Are there any other events or concerts you are involved in, apart from preparations for Eurovision?

Today I can confirm that I'm dedicated to Eurovision 100% – Iquit all the projects I was in. I am also probably quitting the "Stars' Duets" show which hasn't ended yet.

Whatis the reason you decided to participate in Lithuanian national final?

It was a totally spontaneous decision of mine. Most probably it was because of my friend-songwriter who took it all seriously, while I was thinking it was a joke! I didn't expect to win the ticket to Düsseldorf at all.

What do you think about promo tripsaround Europe?

You can now see that I haven't got an opinion about that because I haven't visited any country except Poland. However I must say that promo journeys don't help to achieve a better result at the final night. I have had chats with the previous Lithuanian representatives and they agreed with me regarding this matter. In conclusion -my team and Ihave decided to save precious time and spend it for other useful activities.

What about your trip to Poland? How was it?

I was participating in various TV and radio shows, gave some interviews to the newspapers.Polish peopleaccepted mevery warmly which makes me happy. They are happy as well because of the fact that aPolish girl is representing Lithuania! As you know, Polish people cannot vote for their song, so I heard there were plans to support a Polish act anyway – it will be me! I have also met Marcin who represented Poland last year, and Magdalena, this year's singer.

Have you ever regretted having started this whole Eurovision thing?

Istarted toregret this straight after the national final results were announced! However now I feel like I'm starting to enjoy it. It's about time to calm down and get used to the idea that you will be watched by millions of TV watcher. I feel calm and ready for it!

You mentioned that you have met previous Lithuanian representatives. Any useful advise from them?

My main questions for them were – will it be scary on the stage and how to handle the Eurovision stress as I'm quite sure there will be such! Jeronimas Milius (Lithuania 2008) told me to do not worry about anything. He was not afraid at all and Eurovision was a great fun for him! On the other hand Sasha Song told me that it was quite stressful and scary, even though you go on stage three times before the live show. The main advise from these artists was to socialize and smile a lot!

What do you prefer – jury or televoters?

To be honest, I never thought about it. I can't see the difference. There's no reason to speed up the process and load myself with such thoughts.

Evelina, have you already listened to the first semi final's songs?

I already had a quick view on the list of participants and their songs. But I am kind of a person who listens the whole song only in case it engages my interest. If your next question for me is to describe a particular competetor of mine – I am not able to do that. Also I believe that at the end of Eurovision period I'll know every single song by heart because there will be so many rehearsals and other activities regarding this.

Do you already have a favorite among all participating songs?

It's France. I just love it!

What's your favorite song of Eurovision history?

It’s Hold on be strong byNorwegian singer Maria from 2008.

Do you have a message for the readers?

I should say something, but what? It's easy to say "Please vote for me!" but it's not me… Dear readers, enjoy my song, enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest and vote for me! (laughs). would like to thank Evelina Sasenko for giving us this interview and wish her good luck in Düsseldorf.

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