Andorra: more than 15 shows to select entry!

by Sietse Bakker 239 views

As far as known, never a country used so many selection programmes to select its Eurovision entry. More than fifteen shows to decide the complete entry, from artist to costumes. It seems Andorra wants to make an impressive dubute to the world of Eurovision…

Enric Castellet, president of the Andorran broadcaster RTVA, wrote in a letter to the website Eurovision Spain that “the audience will select the first Andorrese Eurovision entry in 15 shows. In november and december a number of shows will be produced to select the performer, from January to March the song will be selected in nine shows and between March and May six shows will be produced to select the choreography, the costumes and other involved issues”.

All decisions will be made by the Andorran television viewer. Voting will take place by SMS.

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