BigPoll 2011 – The points given

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The biggest and most accurate predicting tool online is still undergoing and this time we are presenting you some of the facts emerging from an in depth analysis of the current standings of the countries. This time the country names are not presented.

Even though on the previous analysis of the results we presented you the top10 of each semifinal, this time there will be no names but numbers and interesting conclusions.

100K votes
Regarding the votes, the summary of the total votes been cast until now on BigPoll 2011 is more than 100.000. On behalf of we would like to thank you for your support by casting your predictions on how your country will be voting in the forthcoming Eurovision shows. We remind you that you can change your predictions anytime before the polls finally close. There will be reminders when the time comes. Feel free to vote and/or update your predictions. Read bellow for ways on how to vote.

"43 Participants poll"
This poll is the less visited of the three polls, since the half of the users haven't submitted their predictions. We believe that this is a good timing to remind you that this the "43 Participants" poll is there to provide us all with a clearer result of who you predict to be the winner of this season's contest, by including the Big5 countries to the rest of the semifinalists. This is happening for the first time in BigPoll and it is a good opportunity to conclude to a clear prediction.

Semifinal 1 (*, **)
Some dramatic changes have been done since the last time news were published regarding BigPoll. The ten countries presented the last time are still in Top10 yet their positions changed. This change and positions swapping can probably be translated that the recent changes made on many versions of the songs of the first semifinal led our visitors to think again and change their predictions. The current standing (regarding the votes) are:

  1. 190
  2. 178
  3. 172
  4. 140
  5. 129
  6. 118
  7. 66
  8. 51
  9. 42
  10. 30 (Two countries)

Semifinal 1 statistics
The top10 is expanded in top11 since two countries sharing the same (30) votes on the spot number 10. It is also clear that top6 are sharing the most points (above 100) leaving behind a huge gap between the 6th and 7th.

Despite the fact that the country which is currently in the first place, a statistic analysis reveals that the second place country is expected more times to be in top10 rather than the first one, yet the current standings for top3 are verified by the fact that the first country is expected most times to be in top3, the second country appears second too in "times expected in top3" and the third one too.

Semifinal 2 (*, **)
This semifinal doesn't appear changes in top10 since the previous news release, but only in rest9. Since this time we're focusing on the votes each country earns, here they are:

  1. 221
  2. 215
  3. 161
  4. 147
  5. 97
  6. 93
  7. 66
  8. 64
  9. 52
  10. 41

Semifinal 2 statistics
This time the results are more clear. First country is predicted to get the most votes, leaving behind the second for 6 points. For semifinal 2 the top countries scoring votes above 100 are only four and the top2 have points above 200. On the statistic analysis of semifinal 2, there are no changes in the final positioning, since the top10 countries appearing respectively in "times expected in the top10" analysis. The country that gets 147 points is expected more times in top3 than the country with 161 points. Finally the second country is expected more times than the first to win the semifinal.

BigPoll 2011 – Prediction tool
Despite the fact that many people think that BigPoll is a poll to vote for their favorites, in fact it is a prediction tool. Here at esctoday we're asking you to predict how your country will vote in the following shows. This is also happening with the "43 Participants" poll. Have also in mind how your country will vote (including foreign residents in your country, neighbor voting etc).

How to vote
You need to be an member to vote. If you are not already registered, you can do so for free at the top of the homepage. Or click here to subscribe.

*On the graphs presented above, only the top10 countries included while the rest 9 countries predicted to be eliminated are hidden.
** On the graphs presented above, the country names are replaced with their position number as they are predicted by our visitors.

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