Popular Spanish DJ interested to represent Spain

by Sietse Bakker 61 views

The popular DJ Sammy showed his interest representing Spain at next year's Eurovision Song Contest. But, as many, only if he was asked…

“I definitely would consider it”, he told to Yahoo.co.uk. “I would love to do it and I would do a great job. I can write a song easily, but it's also about the visuality of the song on stage. You need a very charismatic star to sing the song (…) so you need a strong artist who represents the song well and a good song”.

Sammy also admitted that he is “angry with the people of Europe if they gave this year's UK entry Jemini 0 points because of Tony Blair's involvement in the war with Iraq”, which might be a very simplistic reason to give for their last place Jemini ended at. “Music is a beautiful thing, it brings people together. The UK is great at music, it has lots of big artists. If people didn't vote for the UK because of politics, then that's bad from the other countries”, he said too.

Thanks to Dev for sending us the news story by e-mail.

Edit: as many of you noticed, DJ Sammy is indeed Spanish and not British as we wrote before. The article at Yahoo.co.uk suggested that he is native English, but they changed that. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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