UPD Ukraine: National final on March 3rd

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Two days after the Ukrainian selection show concluded, a new scandal has risen in the country as one of the jury members asked for the re-evaluation of the votes. Anna Herman expressed her negative opinion about the outcome of this year's Ukrainian national selection. Moreover, Mika Newton announced that she wants to perform another song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Ukraine's national broadcaster NTUis facing once again with a chaotic situation days after their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Justlike last year, several contestants of the show including Zlata Ognevich and Jamala, haveexpressed their desire to cancel the results of the competition as the voting process was invalid. Anna Herman, one of the members of the jury, asked for the re-evaluation of the votes aswell.

"I will initiate the creation of a special commission to examine the preparatory process and the very course of the final selection of candidates from Ukraine for Eurovision … I think it's worth to listen to the tens of thousands of people, that during these two days were ringing and expressed their dissatisfaction with the result of this competition. I have many doubts, but I would not want to disclose them before the decision of the commission, which I hope will be established and will give its findings. I would not want to blame anyone in advance, but my impression is that something was decided on the sidelines and not on the stage, which we do not understand and did not know", Anna Herman told the press.

An online petition was created by the fans in order to cancel the result of Ukraine's national selection. The initiative of the fans is based on the fact that Mika Newton received votes from about 2,000 unique phone numbers, while Jamala got votes from more than 6,000.

"I think next year we will change the rule and will accept votes only from unique IP-addresses and phone numbers" was the official statement of NTU.

As a reply, Mika Newton sent a letter to the president of Ukraine, mr. Viktor Yanukovich as well as to the prime minister, mr. Mykola Azarov, requesting their involvement in order to prove that the voting was fair and no fraud was intended.

Moreover, Mika Newton announced her desire to perform another song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. A new song written by Walter Afanasieff who was responsible for Celine Dion's My heart will go on, will be performed at the second semi final of the favourite European competition.

UPDATE: NTU have confirmed the news and through a press release they have announced that a new selection show will be held on March 3rd in order to clarify the chaotic situation regarding the voting procedure. Mika Newton, Zlata Ognevich and Jamala will compete in a special show aired by the First Channel of Ukraine at 20:30 CET. The winner will be chosen by tele-voting and only votes coming from unique phone numbers will be taken into consideration.

This is how the line-up for the new final is looking like:

  • Zlata Ognevich – The Kukushka
  • Jamala – Smile
  • Mika Newton – Angels

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