Eurovision 2019: Could the next song contest be taking place in Austria?

by Jessica Weaver 9,636 views

Discussion continues regarding the potential host city for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, but now there is further talks about a change in host country for next year’s competition. That is according to rumours heard from the Head of Production from the 1999 contest, Araleh Goldfinger.

Last week, it was revealed that a total of 4 cities are in contention to host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, with the potential cities currently preparing their bids to host the event following Israel’s win at the 2018 event last month.

Despite planning and preparations supposedly being underway in Israel, discussion has arisen in regards to a potential change of host country for Eurovision 2019, following a recent interview with the Head of Production of Eurovision 1999, Araleh Goldfinger.

Austria to host Eurovision 2019?

During his recent interview, Goldfinger revealed that he had heard rumours that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was looking at transferring the hosting rights to the country which finished in third position at Eurovision 2018: Austria.

Goldfinger added that the reason being that the country produced a good show back in 2015 during their hosting period, as well as rash statements from political faces in the country of Israel being described as “not helpful”.

Speaking of the latest revelation, Goldfinger said:

It’s rare and it almost cannot happen, but I know that there is talk in the production today.

Opening show at the Eurovision 2015 final

Goldfinger’s statements have opened up further discussion once again about the future host country of the 2019 competition, however the former Eurovision producer’s comments today are seemingly based on rumours, with nothing yet to be confirmed by the EBU themselves.

Further official details about the bidding cities and any potential developments are expected over the coming weeks.

Government pushing for further involvement

Goldfinger went on to discuss the issues regarding government involvement in the 2019 competition, in which it was decided last week during a special meeting that the government would not interfere with the selection process of the 2019 host city.

Despite this, Israel’s Minister of Culture – Miri Regev – has reportedly demanded that the broadcasting corporation coordinate with the ministry with regards to the broadcasting content, adding that the government provides both funding for the competition as well as the country’s public broadcaster.

Goldfinger spoke of his experience at the 1999 competition, where he revealed that there was no intervention during the country’s last hosting opportunity.

There were hardly any senior IBA officials, there was a small team with whom I worked with in the program, and there was no intervention.

Everything was in the hands of the team that was appointed to carry out the plan, and as soon as we decided that we would make an opening signal to be presented to the world, in was an internal decision.

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