France: Madame Monsieur react to 2018 Grand Final result

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French duo Madame Monsieur look back at their Eurovision 2018 adventure and their result in the Grand Final.

Madame Monsieur, husband-and-wife team Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, landed a decent 13th place in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018 with their moving song Mercy. However, some polls and bookmakers saw the duo as contenders for a top position, even the eventual victory. How do Madame Monsieur themselves look back at their participation?

In a recent interview with Télé-Loisirs, the couple gave insight about their Eurovision adventure.

A little disappointed but very proud

Émilie Satt expressed her feelings about the eventual outcome:

We are a little disappointed, of course. Even if we did not understand the bookmakers, we still said that maybe they were right. They have a good taste! If we take a step back, we say that it is a song in French, which speaks of a subject that is the object of tension in Europe. It would perhaps have been a fantasy to hope for a victory with this song. We finished 13th out of 26, so right in the middle, it’s the proof that it’s divisive. We are proud of ourselves. We did what we wanted to do.

Jean-Karl Lucas adds:

We have nothing to regret. We did our best. Today, we’ll think about what’s next. We have concerts to ensure, an album to promote. What’s great is that we met a real audience. We will continue to defend our song. There was a real craze around this song. And it made people talk about the association SOS Méditerranée.

Deserved winner

When asked if she liked winner Netta Barzilai from Israel, Émilie said:

Yes, and I’m glad she won. Her song was telling something, too. The competition in Israel will be very interesting…

Jean-Karl continues:

That she would win was obvious from the beginning. Her song is ultra-efficient and Netta is charismatic. We did not play in the same league.

Emotional and impressive

Jean-Karl also talked about their experience on the grand stage:

There were a lot of emotions, it’s been three months of expectation. There was a lot of work. Hard times, too, because it takes energy. On the other hand, the distribution of points was a real torture. Especially when the cameras do not come to see you.

Shared experience

Going to Eurovision as a married couple gave their performance an extra dimension. Émilie Satt says:

It’s very strong. Indescribable. At the same time, we’ve been making music together for 11 years, we’ve been together for 10 years and it’s our daily life… Our daily life is to live all that.

Madame Monsieur reached a decent 13th place in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2018, earning 173 points with their song Mercy, inspired by the migrant crisis and the story of the little migrant girl Mercy.

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