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The Albanian representative for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Aurela Gaçe, has spoken to esctoday.com. In this interview, Aurela gives us more details about her life, her victory, her promo tour and her preparations for Düsseldorf.

First of all, can you tell us something about yourself? When did your career start?

Hello. Well, I'm a passionate woman and performer, a hard worker. I've managed to stay humble throughout the years…and most of all I'm thankful for everything GOD has blessed me with….I started singing on children's competitions at the age of 4 and a half and never stopped singing form that moment on. This has been my life so farand I am a very happy human being because of it.

You just won Festivali i Këngës for the third time. After the legendary singer Vaçe Zela with 11 victories, you are now the runner-up female singer with 3 victories. How do you feel about it?

I didn't know this fact. Thanks for telling me . I'm very honoured . Vaçe Zela is our legend.

Your last participation at Festivali i Këngës was in 2001, when you won the first prize of that edition. Now you made a comeback after 9 years. How did the idea come up?

I never thought I was going to compete again. The composer Shpetim Saraçi (the man who revamped the Albanian entry 2010 It’s all about you) convinced me. In the beginning he told me several times that I should come back for lots of reasons. Then he proposed me this material, something that I couldn't say no to. It sounded like it was made for me.

You gotmaximum of points from almost every jury. Besides that you also had the audience on your side. What is your secret about this?

I sing from my heart and I connect with the audience. I have a lot of love and they get that. You can never fool an audience.

Your song sounds authentic. Can you tell us something about the music style of your song, Kënga ime? Do the lyrics have a special message?

Music and lyrics both have a special meaning to me. The music has a touch of the traditional southern Albanian music. The lyrics are the most personal and meaningful that I've ever sang. I sing about my love for music and how much I want to share it with the world. Music is so powerful, it doesn't matter where you come from.

You have a busy schedule with concerts for your fans in Europe and USA. Right after you won Festivali i Këngës, you travelled to USA for few concerts. Will you promote your song in these concerts at the same time?

That’s true. I have a busy schedule with concertswhere I will promote my song at the same time. After these concerts in USA I have to come back home to start with preparations for Eurovision.

All the winning songs of Festivali i Këngës got revamped for Eurovision. Your song is already 3 min long. Will your song also get a revamp? In which language will you sing the song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

Indeed, also my song will be revamped. We haven't decided the language yet but I’m very excited and anxious where this will take us.

Albania is sending this year one of their greatest singers to Eurovision. Do you think Albania will score better at 2011 Eurovision and do you think this fact will put more pressure on you?

Artists areoften under pressure but of course I hope for the best but you never know. I just feel very blessed and honoured to represent my beautiful country, Albania

Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest yourself?

Of course, growing up I used to watch Eurovision and still do. It is a big deal for all of Europe.

Do you have a message for the readers of esctoday.com?

I wish them all a very Happy New Year, lots of love and happiness.I hope see you in May for Eurovision. Love, Aurela.

Aurela performing in a festival for kids in Albania, in 1983

Kënga ime, the Albanian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2011.


The team of Esctoday.com would to like to thank Aurela for this interview and wish her all the best.

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