Armenia wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

by Victor Hondal 106 views

The 2010 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is over. After an exciting and tight voting, Vladimir Arzumanyan, representing Armenia with the song Mama has won the competition just one point ahead of Russia.

All countries started the voting with 12 points. Each country awarded 1-8, 10 and 12 points to their favorite songs, while 1-5 appeared on screen automatically and 6-12 were announced by the country's spokesperson.

Eurovision Song Contest 2009 winner Alexander Rybak and 2007 Belarussian representative Dmitry Koldun also appeared in the show as guest artists. Alexander sang Europe skies and Dmitry, Unicef song A day without war.

This is the full scoreboard of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010:

  1. Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan –Mama (120 points)
  2. Russia: Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin –Boy and girl (119 points)
  3. Serbia: Sonja Skoric –Carobna noc / Magical night (113 points)
  4. Georgia: Mariam Kakhelishvili –Mari dari (109 points)
  5. Belarus: Daniil Kozlov –Muzyki Svet (85 points)
  6. Lithuania: Bartas –Oki doki (67 points)
  7. Belgium: Jill & Lauren –Get up! (61 points)
  8. Moldova: Stefan Roscovan –Ali Baba (54 points)
  9. The Netherlands: Anna & Senna –My family (52 points)
  10. Latvia: Sarlote & Sea Stones –Viva la dance (51 points)
  11. Sweden: Josefine Ridell –Allt jag vill ha (48 points)
  12. FYR Macedonia: Anja Veterova –Eooo, eooo (38 points)
  13. Malta: Nicole –Knock knock!… Boom! Boom! (35 points)
  14. Ukraine: Yulika Gurska –Mii litak (28 points)

The winning performance: Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama

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