TOP TEN: No. 7 and 6

by Marcus Klier 40 views

The 14th TOP TEN list continues today with the places 7 and 6 being announced. As revealed on Saturday, this week's topic are the TOP TEN outfits to remember.

The list is divided into the three sub-categories Female act, Male act and Duo/group.

So here we continue…

No. 7

Female act: Lydia (Spain 1999)

…wearing (Ágatha Ruiz de la) Prada:

Male act: Renato (Malta 1975)

shiny in turquoise:

Duo/group: Westend (Austria 1983)

…wearing the national colours of Guinea:

No. 6

Female act: Sanda Ladosi (Romania 04)

…who turned underwear into overwear:

Male act: Jahn Teigen (Norway 1978)

…proving once again that large sunglasses don't bring Norway good placings:

Duo/group: Prima Donna (United Kingdom 1980)

…who had to make sure that their outfits matched the choreography:

Tomorrow, we will introduce no. 5 and 4 on the list.

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