Ukrainian presentation tonight

by Wouter van Vliet 76 views

In the second Ukrainian press conference the main focus was on the changes since the previous one, just two days ago.

In response the a question if he made any changes to his performance, Olexandr first stated that he finds the stage very professional. Changes were not made, but he explained a but more about his stage act. The two girls on stage are his representers of reality. One being the so called 'Fifth Element', the perfect girl, of course totally unreal.

When asked why the delegation is as international as it is, they told the audience that during the preparations they spoke to several people from various countries and the ones forming the delegation liked to be a part of a country debuting at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

At the end of the press conference, Olexandr was asked to sing a song. He chose to sing a very beautiful Ukrainian, opera like song. But not before he emphasized that there will be a presentation of the Ukrainian delegation this evening at eight o'clock in the House of Blackheads (Rātslauk).

About the importance in participating at the ESC the delegation had to say that they want Europe to be open for Ukraine and Ukraine to be open for Europe. They also added that maybe even they want to be part of the European Union.

Also noticeable was the great quality of the translations. Olexandr himself
does not speak English, but his translator quickly translated his words and also the questions from the audience asked in Ukrainian.

While Greek gave it's press conference, Olexandr came to the team and gave us the chance to make a quick picture of him!

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