Selection Weekend: France selects their representative for Eurovision 2018

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Are you ready to hear the second entry of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest? This weekend, France becomes the second nation this year in order to select their song for the upcoming European competition, with 4 other countries continuing their search.

The hunt for the Lisbon participants continues this weekend, with a further 5 shows airing across the continent. Four countries press on in the search for their Eurovision representative, whilst one country decides their act for Eurovision!

Big day on Saturday!

The first day of the weekend will see our second entry for Eurovision 2018 decided, this time coming from the Western European country of France.

Saturday also sees a further 2 shows airing, with the heats of the respective countries continuing.

Lithuania: Eurovizija 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

It’s the third show of Lithuania’s national selection this weekend, with a further 12 artists competing for a place in the next stage of the competition.

The third show of Eurovizija 2018 was pre-recorded earlier this week on Tuesday, where the jury votes were determined for the show. Saturday will see the performances presented publicly for the first time, with the viewers having the chance to have their say.

A total of 6 artists will advance from Saturday’s show, with the qualifiers to be determined via a 50/50 combined public and jury vote.

Following Saturday evening’s show, we’ll know a total of 18 acts set to continue their journey in the selection, with further participants to join them in the following weeks.

Hungary: A Dal 2018 – 20:30 CET

Following last week’s first heat, A Dal 2018 is set to resume this Saturday with the second heat of the Hungarian national selection.

A further 10 artists will perform in tonight’s episode of A Dal, however only 6 artists will advance to the next stage of the competition.

As with last week, the first 5 qualifiers of the show will be decided via a 50/50 combined public and jury vote, whilst the 6 and final qualifier will be voted for purely by the public.

Saturday’s 6 advancing artists will join last week and next week’s qualifiers, in which a total of 18 acts will compete in the semi-final stage of the competition.

Zsolt Süle was the only artist to receive 2 sets of 10 points from the jury last weekend, coming joint first in the scoreboard. Can any other artist gain 10 points from the jury this weekend?

France: Destination Eurovision 2018 – 20:55 CET

It’ll be an exciting show in this weekend’s Destination Eurovision 2018 show in France, as the nation is set to determine their official representative for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

The 8 finalists will be performing their entries for the final time, this time not only hoping to gain the votes of the jury, but also the votes of the viewing public.

A 10-member international jury panel will determine 50% of the final results, whilst the remaining 50% will be decided by a public televote.

Huit finalistes – Destination Eurovision

Leur destin est désormais entre vos mains… Ils ne sont plus que 8 artistes en compétition !Votez pour votre titre préféré, samedi à 20H55 sur FRANCE 2 !#DestinationEurovision, la finale : rien ne se fera sans vous !!

Geplaatst door Eurovision France op donderdag 25 januari 2018

France will become the second country to officially select their entry for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, following Albania’s selection back in December 2017.

Shows resume on Sunday

Sunday sees a further 2 shows taking place, both in Romania and Israel (the same countries as last Sunday). Who will continue their journey in both of the nations’ selections?

Israel: The Next Star 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

Ready for some more duels in Israel? The Next Star resumes on Sunday evening, in which the 9 acts will compete once again for a spot in the following show, set to air the next day.

All 9 artists will compete against each other in Sunday’s show, with 1 artist set to be eliminated from the competition. The remaining 8 acts will continue into the next show.

The competitors will be split into duels – as with previous shows – and will battle against each other; the artist who receives the highest percentage of votes will win the battle and advance, whilst the remaining artists will have to perform once again.

Eight acts will continue their journey on Monday, in which another round of duels are expected to take place.

Romania: Selecția Națională 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

Semi-finals are set to continue on Sunday evening in Romania, as the second of 5 will take place in the country’s national selection for Eurovision, Selecția Națională 2018.

A further 12 artists will perform for a place in the final of the competition on the 25 February, however only 3 are able to advance in the selection. It’ll be a tight competition!

As with last week, the 3 finalists will be decided via the 5-member jury panel, who will judge the vocal performances of each participant on the night.

Sunday’s 3 winners will join last week’s qualifiers as well as the future semi-final winners, with a total of 15 artists competing for the right to represent Romania at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest next month.

Stay tuned for the results of each of this weekend’s shows and get ready to listen to some more potential entries for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest!

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