OGAE Israel: Azerbaijan, 12 points!

by Itamar Barak 173 views

The Israeli branch of OGAE celebrated tonight the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, with a big party in Tel Aviv. Harel Ska'at attended the event, in which the club awarded its 12 points to Azerbaijan.

Over 130 fans gathered in the "Culture Club" in Tel Aviv, for the annual OGAE party. Eurovision entrant Harel Ska'at attended the event and was interviewed, live on stage. Ska'at spoke about his feelings about the contest and his song "Milim". When asked about the language the song will be sung in, on stage in Oslo, Ska'at refrained from giving a straight answer, but it was quite obvious the singer intends on performing with the full Hebrew version. Nevertheless, Harel sang a few lines from the French version's chorus, penned by Anne-Marie David, winner of the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest.

As for the voting – The fans voted for their top 10 countries from each semifinal, so that the final result of that voting gave a list of the 25 finalists. As in each and every year, in OGAE Israel, fans and members were allowed to vote for Israel as well. It should be mentioned, that each year the club's vote or opinion about the Israeli entry matched the true outcome in the actual song contest, for example in 2007 when Israel did not qualify to the final and also other years, when Israel did not achieve good results. Since this year Israel is a favourite among fans all over Europe and the bookmakers, it was no surprise that the Israeli song indeed took the first place tonight. Despite that, here are the final votes of OGAE Israel for the international chart, starting with the 11th place country, gaining 1 point, ending with tonight's runner-up, getting the Douze Points:

  • Finland 1 point
  • Ireland 2 points
  • Sweden 3 points
  • Belgium 4 points
  • Spain 5 points
  • Slovakia 6 points
  • Iceland 7 points
  • Denmark 8 points
  • Croatia 10 points
  • Azerbaijan 12 points!

Just missing out from the top 10 votes, were Germany, Turkey and Romania.

After the Israeli vote, there are still only minor changes to the scoreboard. Denmark still holds the lead and Israel remains at number 2, despite not being able to vote for itself. Azerbaijan climbs to number 9, switching places with Ireland, which drops to number 10.

The scoreboard so far

Denmark 197
Israel 160
Germany 154
Norway 136
Armenia 120
Croatia 115
Iceland 111
Spain 105
Azerbaijan 103
Ireland 95
Slovakia 83
Sweden 63
Switzerland 50
Turkey 49
Greece 41
Belgium 36
Albania 35
Romania 32
France 29
Moldova 14
Lithuania 10
Netherlands 10
Serbia 10
Belarus 9
Latvia 6
FYR Macedonia 5
Bulgaria 4
Georgia 4
Ukraine 4
United Kingdom 4
Finland 3
Poland 1

Previous OGAE votes:

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