Norway: Kåre Magnus Bergh & Silya Nymoen to host MGP 2018

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The hosts for the upcoming Norwegian national final for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Melodi Grand Prix, have been confirmed by the country’s national broadcaster this morning.

On the 10 March 2018, Norway will determine their representative for the next Eurovision Song Contest, set to take place in the host city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Helping the country to decide their act for the European event will be the hosts of the national final, each of whom were confirmed by the broadcaster – NRK – this morning: Kåre Magnus Bergh and Silya Nymoen.

Return of the hosting duo

Bergh and Nymoen are no strangers to the Norwegian selection process for Eurovision, with both of whom having hosted Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) in both 2015 and 2016.

Nymoen took a break from hosting the national final this year; Bergh went on to present the event alongside fellow host, Line Elvsåshagen, in 2017.

Speaking of her return to the hosting role, Nymoen revealed:

It’s a great job to join the programme again. MGP is fun madness and a music circus. And I’m looking forward to working with Kåre Magnus again.

MGP music director – Stig Karlsen – confirmed his delight at Nymoen’s return:

I’m very happy to have Silya on the team. She is a born entertainer, a rock-solid programmer, with lots of charm, attitude and musicality. In the two-team with Kåre Magnus Bergh, there is always a great mood.

Artist confirmation on 15 January

As was revealed earlier this year, the artists set to compete in MGP 2018 are set to be revealed next month on the 15 January 2018. In total, 10 artists will be competing for the right to represent the nation at Eurovision 2018.

Karlsen has releases a sneak peek into the feel of this year’s selection:

We are looking forward to presenting a solid collection of songs, artists and composers. Everyone knows the MGP will be a festive night with confetti and pyro-effects, but nobody will doubt that it’s the music that is the bar of MGP.

It sounds like the upcoming MGP competition is set to be one of the catchiest yet, with Karlsen confirming:

I can reveal that this year’s MGP songs are screaming for a dancefloor. We will therefore have to remove a few hundred chairs from the floor in the Spektrum, to make room for the eagerest dance feet.

Performance of the MGP 2017 winners, JOWST and Aleksander Walmann

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