Sweden: Loreen releases her RIDE video clip

by Stratos Agadellis 1,103 views

Someone could wonder… is this Loreen or not? This week of December sees the Swedish 2012 Eurovision winner Loreen release the music video for the homonymous single of her new personal album Ride, unveiled in November.

The song is written by Loreen herself, as well as the Swedish composer and musician Petter Winnberg, as the video is directed by Johan Lindeberg.

When you have to face yourself…

Having adopted a brand new look, with her head completely shaved, Loreen is the only acting role of the video. Roaming in the streets of Stockholm with a black wig, the video shows her looking at posters that depict herself with a new look and announce her Secret Concerts.

Τhe video continues with Loreen visiting this concert, where she meets another image of herself singing in an empty and dark room.

Waiting for the video release, Loreen had posted a photo collection from the filming in the Swedish capital on her official Instagram account, talking about an amazing night and how much she enjoyed it.


Loreen at Eurovision

Moroccan-Swedish singer Loreen made her first Eurovision attempt and participated in Melodifestivalen 2011 with the song My heart is refusing me, by Moh Denebi, Björn Djupström and Loreen herself. She managed to reach until the Second Chance round, where she lost a place in the final to Sara Varga‘s Spring för livet.

Nevertheless, the song became a smash hit in her country and many European countries and remains one of the most successful entries from the Swedish artist.

The golden year for Loreen was meant to be 2012, where she eventually won Melodifestivalen and went on to fly to Swedish flag in the Azerbaijiani capital Baku. Being the absolute favourite for the victory from the very beginning, Loreen and her entry Euphoria reached the Eurovision top, having one of the most triumphant victories in the contest’s history, with 372 points and a record-high 18 sets of 12 points.

It seems that the Eurovision journey has not ended for her, as she made another bid of representing her country a couple of months ago, with the song Statements, written by Loreen herself, Linnéa DebJoy Deb & Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad. Despite being a favourite, she was eliminated in the Second Chance round.

Could she make it for one more Swedish victory in the near future?