Details: Bates 141 designed logo

by Sietse Bakker 45 views

The designers of the logo are Margus Klaar and Veiko Tamjärv from Credo Reklaam AS, a brand company of Bates 141.

The authors say that the dots should express symbolically the athmosphere which follows the festivals. The catchwords are colorful, sheerful, emotional and dynamic.

Even the rector of Estonian Academy of Arts Ando Keskküla recognized the winning logo. He thinks it's optimistic and multifunctional. “It's very handy to use in animations, spatial installations and lightscape”, he said. “And at the same time it's possible to melt it with all kinds of backrounds”.

Fans reactions are very different. Many fans don't understand the logo and think that this logo is too childish. Other fans find the logo very colorfull and like the happy athmosphere that it shows.

The company name, Bates 141, explaines the code name 141 for the logo. ETV and the EBU has not yet came with an explanation.

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