Live: National final in FYR Macedonia

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Skopje Fest 2010, the FYR Macedonia's national final to determine their representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, is about to be held. 14 acts will compete for the honour of representing FYR Macedonia in Oslo.

How to watch ?

A webcast will be made available here.

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The participants

  1. Vlatko Ilievski – Sreka
  2. Suzana Spasovska & Darko Nesovski – Bog go ima sekoj kljuc
  3. Treta Dimenzija – Bolest zaraza
  4. Tumbao Salsa Bend – Poludena vo nokta studena
  5. Bravo Band – Taa ima se
  6. Aleksandar Belov – Ostani
  7. Gjoko Taneski – Jas ja imam silata
  8. Darko Ilievski – Lagi
  9. Vlatko Lozanoski – Letam kon tebe
  10. Esma's Band – Dzipsi dens
  11. Maja Vukicevic – Fama
  12. Nade Talevska – Sreken kraj
  13. Viktorija Apostolova – Zaboravi na se
  14. Kristijan Jovanov – Nikoj na ovoj svet
  15. Angela Zdravkova – Zaboravaš
  16. Vodolija – Solza


The Macedonian national final has just started with some of the country's former Junior Eurovision Song Contest participants performing a popular Eurovision Song Contest classics, namely Waterloo.

1. Vodolija – Solza

Vodolija are opening the show with Solza. The band members are all dressed in black and the lead singer's vocals are solid. However, the song is too mediocre to go anywhere in the voting.

2. Treta Dimenzija – Bolest zaraza

Another band, and another mediocre song. Treta Dimenzija are performing Bolest zaraza and are not likely to go any further tonight than the first song, considering the fact that there a lot of strong artists and songs still to come in tonight's final.

temporarily lost webcast

5. Angela Zdravkova – Zaboravaš

Angela looks a bit like The Red Riding Hood with her dress, which is quite cute. Her song is a light pop-rock song that doens't make much of an impact though. However, her vocals are steady.

10. Aleksandar Belov – Ostani

Aleksandar's song starts off as melancholic Balkan ballad, but manages to surprise: As the song emerges becomes totally different: It's very haunting and a demading song to song but Aleksandar manages very well and is totally believable in the role of a man pleaing to his sweetheart to stay in his city, which is what the song is all about. It would be a really good Eurovision Song Contest entry but after placing third in the first semi final, it is very questionable if he stands a chance at winning tonight.

11. Gjoko Taneski – Jas ja imam silata

Gjoko is performing a pop-rock song, which might be quite ordinary but his vocal performance is very good thus making the act work on stage.

12. Maja Vukicevic – Fama

Maja looks very similar to Lady Gage in this outfit and gives a rather confident performance of her catchy song Fama. However, now it's time for the main favourites to battle it out. The four remaining acts have been the strongest in the semi finals and it's almost certain that one of them will win.

13. Suzana Spasovska & Darko Nesovski – Bog go ima sekoj kljuc

Suzana and Darko were the jury's favourites in their semi final but they were not popular with the televoters so their support might be too one-sided to win it all. Their song demands operatic vocals, which they both manage very well. Vocally faultless but the song is not the strongest.

14. Esma's Band – Dzipsi dens

The band of the legendary "Queen of gypsy music", Esma Redzepova, is up next. Esma's musicians are joined by lead singer Eleonara, one of Esma's students. The song has a great rhythm but one might have expected more from the vocal parts, as they are getting quite repetitive. They were the runaway winners of the televoting in their semi final though.

15. Vlatko Lozanoski – Letam kon tebe

Presently, Vlatko Lozanoski is one of the most popular Macedonian singers and both his song,as well as his performance prove that he rightfully deserves this recognition. Not many people have such an emotional, distinctive voice has Vlatko. He is able to transmit the emotions of his song to the audience too, so he probably is the best choice both on a professional and emotional level. His song is a beautiful ballad with just enough ethno sound to it to make it stand out if it were to go to Oslo.

16. Vlatko Ilievski – Sreka

Another Vlatko, another popular singer. He was the runaway winner of the televoting in his semi final, so the chances are there. However, it is questionable if this act would fare well at the Eurovision Song Contest. It definitely has a catchy tune and the performance is nice too but something is missing.

While votes are counted, a recap of the songs and images of the Eurovision 2010 host city, Oslo, are being shown.

Now, to bridge the time until the results will be revealed, Juliana Pasha, the 2010 Albanian representative, is on stage performing one of her ballads in Albanian, followed by an uptempo song in the same language and her Eurovision entry, in English, It's all about you.

Next on stage is Vukasin Brajic, the 2010 representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina, singing Robbie Williams' Angels. He already performed this song at Operacija Trjumf. Subsequently he performs another song.

Now, Macedonian superstar Karolina is joining Vukasin on stage. Together, they're singing the song Zaboravi.

Karolina, now alone on stage, performs her 2007 Eurovision entry, Mojot svet. Right after, she sings another song from her repertoire, Kraj, followed by a ballad.

After this mini concert, the results are about to be revealed. Each jury member announces their votes separately.

Gjoko Taneski and Vlatko Ilievski tie after the votes from the public and jury are disclosed. It is finally decided that Gjoko Taneski will represent FYR Macedonia in Eurovision 2010.

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