The sad life story of Sophie & Magaly

by Franck Thomas 1,053 views

The terrible truth about the end of Sophie & Magaly duett was revealed on a program called Les 7 péchers capitaux from Julien Courbet on TF1. Axel Hartmann who knew the twin sisters before and watched the program told us the story.

Sophie & Magaly had a huge hit in France with their 1980 Eurovision entry 'Papa Pingouin'. This million-selling single was their only hit in France.

In 1980, the twin-sisters, who at the time were living in Saint-Cloud (a posh town in the suburb of Paris), had been chosen by teeny weekly “OK!” as models and appeared in several issues of the magazine. Sophie & Magaly soon became idolized by many teeny girls. In April 1982, the twin-sisters appeared on prime time TV show Droit de Réponse (TF1) to tell viewers how they had been exploited by producer Ralph Siegel and record company Ariola. Despite having sold one million copies of 'Papa Pingouin', Sophie & Magaly only got paid 5000 � royalties each. Ariola France didn't renew their record deal after the follow-up single, 'Arlequin' flopped.

Producer Charles Talar gave the girls a second chance signing them on his label. Two single releases, 'Toi' & 'Les nanas de Zorro' followed but both failed to make any impact in the French music charts. By then, Sophie & Magaly's career was filled with bad luck & disillusion only. In the late 80's, Magaly contracted the AIDS virus. She died in April 1996.

Sophie has never recovered her sister's death. She became depressive and started to isolate herself from the world. She now lives in the south of France and spends most of her time watching TV. She very rarely leaves her small flat. Her shutters are closed most of the time. Let's hope the future will bring her brighter days.

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