Jostein Hasselgård: “I receive hate mails”

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 60 views

A Eurovision star's everyday life is not in every case a glorious one. The Norwegian participant in Riga, Jostein Hasselgård, opened his heart in two interviews with Norwegian news papers. He talked a lot about the darker aspects of becomming famous.

“It makes me sad to receive unpleasant messages. People are rude in many occasions. I receive the greater part of these messages through SMS or e-mail, a few send anonymous letters. But I don't care a whole lot about it. I just have to accept that some people are of the opinion that I can't sing or that I look like a zombie a person who seems only partly alive, without any feeling or interest for what is happening . After all, most of the messages are nice. In any case, I can't protect myself by getting unlisted phone number or e-mail, as long as I am a freelance musician,” Jostein expressed in an interview with news paper Dagbladet.

Hasselgård has had extensive contact with several record companies, which has lead to a close in time album release: “It will contain pop music with some jazz influences. Two of my absolute favourites are Norah Jones and Stevie Wonder,” Jostein explained.

News paper VG was invited by Jostein Hasselgård to join him during his rehearsals in a local gospel choir, where he has practised for more than three years. Also his girl friend is a part of the choir. Nevertheless he refuses to be called a Christian: “I have been a part of several Christian communities, but I'm far from being a convinced Christian. Religions have been an interest of mine for several years. I find it hard to define my place towards these questions. I see myself as a religious seeker. Christian communities need people who are honest about how they think and in what they believe. These are exactly the things that gospel music treats; faith, doubt, love and joy.”

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