Hasta la vista goes mobile

by Martti Immonen 45 views

SPN Ukraine, which is one of the largest content-providing companies for mobile operators of Ukraine and Russia, contacted Olexandr asking him to take part in a special project to convert some of his songs into the format of ring tones for mobile telephones.

Prior to this, representatives of SPN Ukraine listened to Olexandr's albums and chose 19 (!) of his songs to convert them into the format of mobile ring tones and to further disseminate them through the networks of mobile companies of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, EU countries, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus.

Recently a representative of SPN Ukraine contacted Olexandr once again to ask if it would be possible to convert his hit song �Hasta La Vista� into the ring tone format too. Olexandr granted his approval for this so soon Hasta La Vista will be available on-line as a ring tone for mobile telephones. So far other songs of Olexandr are available in this format on the web-site URL given below.

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