Eurovision 2017: Estonia is on stage for their 2nd rehearsal

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2nd rehearsal6 May 2017
14:55 - 15:15
Press Conference: 15:55 - 16:15
Koit Toome & Laura
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Rehearsal footage

For the first time, the EBU will be publishing official rehearsal footage from the second rehearsal, giving an insight into what the performance will look like on television screens during the live shows.

Official images

(Andres Putting/ ©)

Koit Toome & Laura are the penultimate artists to take to the stage for their second rehearsal today

  • Vocal difficulties were heard in today’s rehearsal

The Estonian duo take to the stage for their second rehearsal with no obvious differences being seen from the first rehearsal.

Laura’s beautiful embellished dress remains unchanged, but Koit has changed his suit for this rehearsal, as he previously mentioned he would. This time, he wears a black velvet suit with black sequins entirely covering the lapels. He wears a slightly unbuttoned white shirt underneath. This look compliments Laura’s showpiece gown very nicely.

The black and white theme remains on the stage and has a similar feel to their national selection performance, but on a bigger scale. Does the performance have the same effect on the big Eurovision stage? Probably not, but the close and focused camera angles help the performance.

There seemed to be a few difficulties with both singers today in terms of vocal performance, however this is a only a rehearsal. Improvements are sure to be made before the semi-final performance.

All-in-all a pleasant performance from Estonia, it’s now time to see whether the impact of the staging will come across on camera.