Eurovision 2017: Second rehearsal with Hungary

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2nd rehearsal6 May 2017
09:25 - 09:45
Press Conference: 10:30 - 10:50
Joci Pápai
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Rehearsal footage

For the first time, the EBU will be publishing official rehearsal footage from the second rehearsal, giving an insight into what the performance will look like on television screens during the live shows.

Official images

(Andres Putting/ ©)

Joci takes to the stage for his second rehearsal for Hungary today:

  • No major changes to the performance have been made

No significant changes to Hungary’s performance from their A Dal staging earlier this year, with Joci performing together with a solo dancer with influences from the singer’s Romani background.

Joci wears the same black leather jacket as before, only this time he wears a decorative light blue shirt, adorned with horizontal strips of buttons and ornate piping. He wears navy trousers with front-fastening button detail, and black knee-high boots.

The ethnic sounds of the performance makes its presence in Kyiv and is bound to be one of the memorable entries of the competition. The staging works will with the song itself, making Hungary’s qualification chances even stronger.

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