Eurovision 2017: Moving on to Belgium’s second rehearsal

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2nd rehearsal4 May 2017
10:40 - 11:00
Press Conference: 11:45 - 12:05
City Lights
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Rehearsal footage

For the first time, the EBU will be publishing official rehearsal footage from the second rehearsal, giving an insight into what the performance will look like on television screens during the live shows.

Official images

(Thomas Hanses/ ©)

Quick poll!

Following Belgium’s second rehearsal, ESCToday hosted a quick poll to get your opinion on the official footage from the venue. Here’s how you voted!

Quick Poll: Rate the Belgian rehearsal

Blanche from #Belgium had her 2nd rehearsal. How do you rate it?

Posted by Esctoday on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Blanche seems more comfortable on stage today in comparison to her first rehearsal earlier this week:

  • Blanche is now wearing her official costume for the contest
  • Vocal improvisation is included in the last chorus of the song, sometimes going off-key

Blanche is now wearing a full-length ballgown cut white dress. The sleeves and neckline are see-through, showing the strapless bodice underneath. The dress has silver butterflies appliquéd onto the top of the skirt, across the bodice and around Blanche’s right arm. The dress was designed by Johanne Riss. The dress gives Blanche a very classic look, which is perhaps at odds with the modern feel of her song.

Although the song now sounds more like the studio version, more could potentially be done as a package to take Belgium even further.

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