Eurovision 2017: United Kingdom is up next for first rehearsal

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1st rehearsal5 May 2017
17:35 - 18:05
Meet & Greet: 19:50 - 20:10
United Kingdom
Lucie Jones
Never Give Up on You
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The UK’s Lucie Jones is wearing a full-length dark gold gown. It has a v-neck, and ruched ribbons create texture in the dress. Lucie is also singing bare foot, which is her preferred way of performing, but is also a nice nod to her song writer, 2013 Danish winner Emmelie de Forrest.

05/05/2017 8:25 pm

First rehearsal with Lucie Jones and the United Kingdom

05/05/2017 7:37 pm

Backstage action with Lucie Jones at the IEC

05/05/2017 5:58 pm

First rehearsals are underway with the UK at the IEC

05/05/2017 5:51 pm

First glimpse at Lucie’s first rehearsal

05/05/2017 5:48 pm

Official images from the United Kingdom’s first rehearsal (Thomas Hanses/ ©)

05/05/2017 5:46 pm

The United Kingdom begins their first rehearsal!

04/05/2017 5:15 pm

Lucie Jones arrives in Kyiv ahead of her first rehearsal!


Lucie stands inside a shell of mirrors that reflects herself and the backdrop, made of mainly greenish light particles in space, on the floor, and performs the song while standing still. Her facial expressions and body language make the most of the song in the way that it can stand out well.

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