Eurovision 2017: Italy takes to the stage for first rehearsal

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1st rehearsal5 May 2017
14:40 - 15:10
Meet & Greet: 17:05 - 17:35
Francesco Gabbani
Occidentali's Karma
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Francesco is wearing a similar suit to his winning San Remo performance. He wears a tailored white shirt, black trousers and a black jacket. The trousers and jacket are subtly spotted in a different texture, as before.

05/05/2017 4:32 pm

Rehearsal snippets:

05/05/2017 6:49 pm

Backstage at the IEC:

05/05/2017 3:00 am

05/05/2017 4:32 pm

The monkey has arrived! Put your hands up if you're excited to see @francescogabbani!

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05/05/2017 5:16 pm

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Here we go with this year’s highly tipped winner. Francesco has four backing singers visible on stage and his gorilla that comes in towards the end of the song. The performance is exactly the same as the Sanremo one with shots of the crowd in the right moments to fill the space for the various Ale! that were taken by the orchestra in Sanremo.

The first run seemed to be a full playback but the second one was definitely live. As Francesco already performed it live so many times there are no significant problems with his voice. However, the camera work does not sit perfect with the high tempo of the song but it has been improved from the first run to the second. The Italian delegation will probably do its best to ensure we’ll all go to Milan next year.

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