Eurovision 2017: Armenia takes to the stage for first rehearsal

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1st rehearsal1 May 2017
14:00 - 14:30
Meet & Greet: 16:30 - 16:50
Fly With Me
Artist Profile
People on stage:
Vocal abilities:
Stage presentation:
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Artsvik doesn’t seem to be wearing her final costume, instead she opts for casual dark coloured clothes – a top, jeans and a jacket. Her hair is very similar to her preview video, so perhaps we will also see a similar outfit on stage next week.

01/05/2017 8:14 pm

“WOW !!! What a surprise” – Artsvik’s reaction when she found out she had won day 2 of ESCToday’s Daily Press Poll!

WOW !!! What a surprise 😮 thank you dear journalists, bloggers, photographers 💋 😀 😘 #FlyWithMe #Armenia

Posted by Artsvik on Monday, May 1, 2017

01/05/2017 8:00 pm

Artsvik finished in first position in day 2 of ESCToday’s Daily Press Poll 2017, receiving a total of 100 points from 35 voting press representatives. This is the first 3-figure score to feature in this year’s poll. Congratulations Armenia!

Artsvik from #Armenia was crowned by the press as the best rehearsal of #Eurovision 2017's second half of the first…

Posted by Esctoday on Monday, May 1, 2017

01/05/2017 6:45 pm

How did Armenia fare in today’s ESCToday Press Poll 2017? Check out our live video with today’s results now!

Kyiv Calling: Second day of rehearsals + Press Poll

Hello Europe! This is Kyiv Calling! Let's discuss together the second day of rehearsals.Which country was your favourite?

Posted by Esctoday on Monday, May 1, 2017

01/05/2017 4:35 pm

A full version of Armenia’s first rehearsal has made its way online:

01/05/2017 3:18 pm

Backstage with Artsvik and Armenia’s first rehearsal

01/05/2017 3:01 pm

Images from Armenia’s first rehearsal at the IEC (Thomas Hanses/ ©)

01/05/2017 2:15 pm

Rehearsal snippet:

01/05/2017 12:45 pm

#TeamArtsvik is all ready for Armenia’s first rehearsal at the IEC!

Getting ready for our first rehearsal! Wish me luck. 🤞 #TeamArtsvik #ESC2017

Posted by Artsvik on Monday, May 1, 2017

30/04/2017 5:33 pm

AMPTV are set to Fly with Artsvik to Kyiv for tomorrow’s first rehearsals!

Armenia's delegation at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 left for Kiev today. Wish you a pleasnt and triumphant flight! ✌️…

Posted by Armenia in Eurovision on Sunday, April 30, 2017

Արծվիկի առաջին հարցազրույցը Կիևում և առաջին ծաղկեփունջը երկրպագուից: Վաղը առաջին փորձն է: 🇦🇲️ Artsvik's first…

Posted by Armenia in Eurovision on Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Armenian entrant Artsvik met with the organizers and press of Eurovision 2017. About her name, she revealed that she was named Artsvik after her grandmother. During her interview, she made the following statements:

For me it’s a very big experience as a singer because it’s the second big stage in my career, and it’s important for me to show the Armenian talent to the world.
Artsvik revealed that she doesn’t speak English, even though the language of her song is English. It’s not difficult for her to sing in English as she is used to, but she can’t speak and understand well.


Watching the Armenian rehearsal one can easily make the connection between Fly with me and last year’s LoveWave, as Sacha Jean-Baptiste is responsible for the choreography of both. Quick cuts in the camera work are also very similar to Iveta’s staging and the Armenian high level of work is clearly visible.

Two female dancers accompany Artsvik making Indian-like gestures while standing behind and beside her, bringing the cultural diversity of the song to the stage. Vocally, Artsvik was not perfect but very good.

As for a very first run of a first rehearsal, it works very well. Keeping in mind that it will be better and better during the upcoming days and rehearsals, Artsvik might get a better result than last year’s 7th place of Iveta Mukuchyan.

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