National Final Awards: Nomination statistics

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Tomorrow, the last week to vote in the 2009 National Final Awards will start. Meanwhile, we want to take a look at the nomination statistics of the awards, which have been given out since 2006.

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It will be the fourth time that the readers of will honour their favourite performances in national finals that did not make it to the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, the national final awards were part of the regular awards but from this year onwards they are given out separately.

Nominations 2009

The United Kingdom and Sweden are the most successful countries this year based on nominations as they were both nominated in all categories where they could be nominated (the United Kingdom could not be nominated in the song categories due to the format of the national selection and also not in the "best female performance" category as the only female soloist in the final won the selection).

Most nominations per country (2006-2009)

The country that received the most nominations so far (including this year's awards) is Sweden being nominated 25 times followed closely by Norway with 17 nominations. Spain follows in third place. Three countries received their first nominations this year: Croatia, Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia.

Nominations per country:

  1. Sweden (25)
  2. Norway (17)
  3. Spain (13)
  4. Denmark (9)
  5. United Kingdom (7)
  6. Romania (6)
    Finland (6)
  7. Portugal (5)
    Israel (5)
  8. Germany (4)
    Estonia (4)
    Poland (4)
  9. Cyprus (3)
    Albania (3)
    Slovenia (3)
  10. France (2)
    Malta (2)
    Greece (2)
    Latvia (2)
    Ireland (2)
    Serbia (2)
    FYR Macedonia (2)
  11. Azerbaijan (1)
    Lithuania (1)
    Armenia (1)
    Belgium (1)
    Russia (1)
    Iceland (1)
    Moldova (1)
    Serbia & Montenegro (1)
    Croatia (1)
    Bulgaria (1)

Most nominations per category (2006-2009)

Best performance

No country managed to be nominated every year in this category. Spain and Sweden are the countries with the most nominations being nominated three times each.

Best female performance

Sweden has been nominated every year in this category so far. Spain and Norway both got two nominations each.

Best male performance

Sweden has been nominated three times in this category but Cyprus, Romania and the United Kingdom come close with two nominations each.

Best duo/group performance

Sweden received five nominations in four years due to the fact that a country could receive more than nomination in a category prior to 2009. BWO from Sweden are also the only act that received nominations in three different years.

New categories

Awards will be given out in five new categories this year. Those are: Best song, Best ballad, Best mid tempo song, Best up tempo song, Best act eliminated in a semi final, quarter final or heat, Best staging and presentation, Best voting system and Best webcast.

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