Soraya and Kate, joint bid for Eurovision?

by Victor Hondal 57 views

A few days ago, Soraya, the 2009 Eurovision representative for Spain, declared on her Facebook personal profile that she has decided to give Eurovision another go. The Spanish singer has taken the bait from Kate Ryan, who some weeks ago stated that a joint candidature of both of them would “no doubt win Eurovision”.

The singer who represented Spain this year not very successfully according to her final placing seems to be ready for another Eurovision adventure. Soraya clearly asserted that a few days ago: "I would not mind to give Eurovision another go with her Kate Ryan . Can you imagine it? Soraya and Kate to Eurovision, she wasn't wrong at all when she said it".

As this project is still in its very, very early stages -it is just a wish for the moment-, there is no indication whether they would represent Spain, Belgium or another country. Anyway, it would not be strange to see them together on the Eurovision stage one day, since they share the same record label and have become close friends. They have already performed together on tv, as you can see below:

Kate Ryan represented Belgium in Athens 2006 singing Je t'adore, not reaching the final in spite of being one of the hot favourites back then. Soraya represented Spain this year with the song La noche es para mí, ending up second last in the Moscow final.

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