The decade: Extraordinary performances and costumes

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We are currently looking back at this Eurovision Song Contest decade. 336 songs were presented in a total of 18 shows over the last ten years and today, we will take a look back at some of the many extraordinary outfits and stage performances.

Netherlands 2000

It would be the second Eurovision Song Contest entry to be performed in this deacade and the viewers could face a spectacular stage show: the singer was hiding her backing dancers under her dress and the concept takes it away that this dress could be (lovingly) referred to as a "circus tent". Of course, she took it off during the chorus to reveal a slit silver dress, which also marks the first of many costume changes of this decade.

Germany 2000

Interest in the Eurovision Song Contest was rising again in Germany in 1998, when a comedy number went to Birmingham for the country and earned a seventh place. The composer of Guildo hat euch lieb! would return in 2000, this time as a singer. Stefan Raab put on a huge show for his song Wadde hadde dudde da?, which is especially remarkable for the outfits whose theme looked like a mix of "cowboy" and "showgirl". The light bulbs the singer had on his suit created an additional special effect that was repreated by Monaco in 2004.

Sweden 2000

In 1999, Sweden had won the Eurovision Song Contest for the fourth time with a typical Europop entry and the country obviously thought it was time for something different the year after: Roger Pontare appeared on stage dressed as an American Indian (or at least as what Europeans think American Indians look like) and put on a show that could have easily been part of Pocahontas – The Musical. However, it probably was what went along best with the song Spirits are calling my name.

Greece 2002

Michalis Rankitzis represented Greece in 2002 with his song S.A.G.A.P.O. and it was not the classic kind of summer pop you might have expected. The futuristic outfits were obviously created especially for this unusual entry.


A drag act represented Slovenia in 2002. Sestre invited the audience on their love plane appearing as air hostesses on stage. The idea would be reprised by the United Kingdom in 2007.

Latvia 2002

Marie N was the first winner for Latvia in 2002 with her song I wanna, maybe also because of her famous Victor/Victoria performance, which would later be revised during the winner's reprise.

Austria 2003

Germany had been successful with comedy entries and two occassions and Austria followed in their footsteps by sending Alf Poier to Riga in 2003. His performance was rather artistic and can hardly be explained in words.

Israel 2003

Words for love were spread by Lior Narkis in 2003 and the performance that came along with them obviously meant hard work for the choreographers. This might be one of the entries that could be classified "almost comedy".

Ukraine 2004

It was not Xena who was celebrating her comeback in 2004 but Ruslana, who represented and won for Ukraine in 2004 with Wild dances. Her dances were indeed rather wild and so where her tradition cavewoman outfits.

Romania 2005

Switzerland made music with trash in 1979 and Romania decided to go for a similar concept in 2005. Luminita Anghel's backing group Sistem included barrels and angle grinders in their performance for Let me try which created some special effects.

Norway 2005

Glam rock was Norway's choice in 2005 and WigWam's performance of In my dreams as well as their outfits were as glam as can be.

Moldova 2005 and 2006

Both in 2005 and 2006, Moldova put a lot of effort into the performance, although with two very different concepts.

Germany 2006

More cowboys represented Germany in 2006, although this time in a more classic way than in 2000.

Finland 2006

Of course, this one doesn't need a comment.

Iceland 2006

Silvia Night invited us to her own little world consisting of oversized shoes, candy canes and men losing their trousers. Also her phone call with God was definitely something new in Eurovision.

Ukraine 2007

Another one that needs no comment.

United Kingdom

As mentioned above, the United Kingdom reprised the 2002 airplane theme in 2007, but this time we were invited on a Eurovision flight. Of course, it lasted three minutes exactly.

Switzerland 2007

Only six people are allowed on stage during a Eurovision performance. Therfore, DJ BoBo put some dummies on stage to create the illusion of a host of dancers.

Bosnia & Herzegovina 2008

Laka brought his sister, some knitting brides and his lundry on stage. The performance was still not too artistic for the audience as he achieved a respectable 10th place in the final.

Latvia 2008

If DJ BoBo had written the theme song for Pirates of the Carribean, this is what the video clip might have looked like.

Ukraine 2009

Svetlana Loboda brought a "hell machine" on stage, which was created especially for her performance. Her backing dancers are also worth to be mentioned wearing a rather free interpretation of ancient Roman fashion.

Belgium 2009

Copycat's Elvis Presley impersonation showed that you really have to expect anything at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Of course, this is only a small collection of a few of the many extraordinary stage performances. Share your personal favourites by posting a reaction!

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