Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2017 full voting breakdown revealed

by Gil Laufer 2,224 views

As the Swedish selection is now over, the local broadcaster SVT has revealed the full voting figures of the six Melodifestivalen 2017 shows. 

The breakdown reveals the votes given during the semifinals, the second chance round and the grand final.

During the semifinals, the top 5 advanced to a second round of voting. After the final results were known, the top two qualified directly to the final while places 3 and 4 went on to the second chance round.


No significant changes were made between the first and second rounds of voting. Nano got the highest amount of votes in the semifinal stage.

Round 1Round 2Total%
1NanoHold on1056413122263117867620.71
2Ace WilderWild child98143584811106624618.74
3Boris RenéHer kiss8956188951298513017.31
4De Vet DuRoad trip8703994838491878316.15
5Dinah NahOne more night6932204201073523012.92
7Charlotte PerrelliMitt liv3995363995367.02


After the first round of voting, it would’ve been Mariette and Lisa Ajax to go to the final with Benjamin Ingrosso and Roger Pontare to the andra chansen.

Round 1Round 2Total%
1MarietteA million years99748993211109070020.25
2Benjamin IngrossoGood lovin’96614093588105972819.68
3Lisa AjaxI don’t give a96935567178103653319.25
4DismissedHearts align6688787688074575813.85
5Roger PontareHimmel och hav6816616140474306513.80
7AllyawanVart har du vart3462993462996.43


After the first round of voting, it would’ve been Robin Bengtsson and FO&O to go to the final with Owe Thörnqvist and Anton Hagman to the andra chansen. A record of 158,074 votes for Owe in the second round has secured his place in the grand final, in favour of FO&O.

Round 1Round 2Total%
1Robin BengtssonI can’t go on94597785502103147917.99
2Owe ThörnqvistBoogieman blues80345215807496152616.77
3FO&OGotta thing about you8254548757691303015.92
4Anton HagmanKiss you goodbye8118446879688064015.36
5Bella & FilippaCrucified7837598358286734115.13
6Jasmine KaraGravity67256567256511.73
7Krista SiegfridsSnurra min jord4077694077697.11


After the first round of voting, it would’ve been Alice to go to the Andra Chansen round instead of Axel Schylström. Wiktoria got the biggest percentage of votes in a semifinal.

Round 1Round 2Total%
1WiktoriaAs I lay me down98793584445107238021.73
2Jon Henrik Fjällgren & AniniaEn värld full av strider81503010132491635418.57
4Axel SchylströmNär ingen ser6710445968373072714.81
5AliceRunning with lions6731534924372239614.64
6Les GordonsBound to fall4008454008458.12
7Sara Varga & Juha MulariDu får inte ändra på mig2195582195584.45


The songs placed 3rd and 4th in each semifinal have qualified to this round, and were allocated in duels. The winner of each duel went on to the final. It is notable that Lisa Ajax has qualified to the final by a difference of 0.3%.

D1FO&OGotta thing about you97083153.02
D1De Vet DuRoad trip86018246.98
D2Axel SchylströmNär ingen ser92661049.85
D2Lisa AjaxI don’t give a93236250.15
D3Boris RenéHer kiss106128963.61
D3DismissedHearts align60701536.39
D4Anton HagmanKiss you goodbye97554752.30


Half of the votes in the final were given by 11 international juries (473 points in total), and the other half was provided by tele-, SMS- and app-voting (additional 473 points in total).

1Robin BengtssonI can’t go on14359635096146
2NanoHold on16278435776133
3Jon Henrik Fjällgren & AniniaEn värld full av strider13950124956105
4MarietteA million years1068531376299
5Benjamin IngrossoGood lovin’961104335487
6WiktoriaAs I lay me down1474526512980
7Ace WilderWild child920421323567
8Boris RenéHer kiss904646313566
9Lisa AjaxI don’t give a847353301646
10Anton HagmanKiss you goodbye105823237643
11FO&OGotta thing about you96298734741
12Owe ThörnqvistBoogieman blues91016032133

It is the first time that a song being placed 3rd at the televoting wins the final, thanks to a margin of 20 points between Robin and Nano in the jury vote.

It is notable that using the application, which allows one to give a maximum of 5 votes for each of the participating entries, has caused the final televoting results to be insignificant, with eight songs receiving around 30 points with four receiving around 50. The voting system is expected to slightly change next year in order to prevent such a thing to happen again.

Robin Bengtsson, who won the final of Melodifestivalen 2017, will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

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