This is how the Hungarian jury voted

by Marcus Klier 256 views

Another country has revealed how its jury voted in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest: Hungary's jury agreed with the top three in the grand final giving 12 points to Norway, 10 points to Iceland and 8 points to Azerbaijan.

This was the voting in the second semi final (the juries in the semi final were backup-juries and only chose the tenth qualifer):

Jury Televoting
12 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
10 Norway Norway
8 Denmark Ukraine
7 Ukraine Estonia
6 Poland Greece
5 Moldova Moldova
4 Estonia Albania
3 Lithuania Denmark
2 Ireland Serbia
1 Slovenia Croatia

The jury would have given the same top two marks as the televoting did in the final. Ramarkably, Croatia would have got no points from the jury but got one point in the televoting although Croatia was the country that qualified for the final as the jury wildcard. The jury winner in the semi final was Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan was also the country that gave Hungary its highest mark – 8 out of 16 in total.

This was the voting in the final:

Jury vote Total vote including televoting
12 Norway Norway
10 Iceland Azerbaijan
8 Azerbaijan Ukraine
7 Estonia Iceland
6 Denmark Estonia
5 Ukraine Turkey
4 Malta Greece
3 Germany Denmark
2 United Kingdom Albania
1 Moldova United Kingdom

The top three of the jury voting were identical to actual outcome in the Eurovision Song Contest final. However, due to the televoting the Icelandic entry dropped to fourth place in the Hungarian vote while the Ukrainian entry managed to raise to third place. Remarkably, only two countries that competed in the first semi final – Iceland and Malta – got points from the Hungarian jury.

Hungary took part in the second semi final and was represented by Zoli Ádok with the song Dance with me. He finished 15th with 16 points thus not making it to the final.

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