Alex R to work with Alex C?

by Harry Darby 58 views

In an interview with German tabloid Bild, Alexander Rybak poured praise on his one-time Eurovision Song Contest competitor Alex Christensen, and hinted that the pair might even work together at some point in the future.

In an interview with the newspaper, Alexander explained "this man is a really good producer. I really have to meet with him, and would also love to collaborate with him". Alex Christensen, who only managed a 20th placing in Moscow with his protegé Oscar Loya, was understandably enthusiastic in his response. The pair have now spoken by phone, and Alex's message to Alexander is simple: "let me know next time you are in Germany. I'll be there, wherever you are!"

Alexander Rybak's debut album Fairytales is out soon, while in the meantime the winning single Fairytale has stormed to chart success across the continent, including the first top ten for a Eurovision Song Contest winner in the British singles chart for many years.

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