Greece: Staggering viewing figures for Eurovision

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From prime time news, to morning chat shows, to the more “serious” evening talk shows, the Eurovision Song Contest remains the most discussed and covered event on Greek television, more popular than the Euro or the Opening of the Olympic Games. This year, once more, saw staggering viewing figures during the Grand Final on 16th May when possibly the country's biggest star, Sakis Rouvas, competed for the crystal microphone.

Over 3.5 million people, 3.631.000 to be exact, tuned in on Saturday night to watch Sakis Rouvas compete in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest final. Viewing figures peaked at 88.8% of all TV viewers during the announcement of the results. During Sakis' performance, viewing figures reached 83.3%, with an average of 81.1%.

According to the AGB, in 2006, when Greece was hosting the contest in Athens, 3.252.000 tuned in to watch the show (82.6%). In 2007 the average was 74.4% and in 2008, with an average of 3.225.000 viewers, it reached a share of 78.8%. 94 out of 100 people who had their TV sets turned on, tuned in to watch the first half hour of the results in 2008, when Greece was leading.

To give a better idea of the popularity of the contest in the country, we should mention that the share for the final of Euro 2004 was 80.6% and the Opening of the Olympic Games 2004 81%.

Another 63.000 people from Greece but also from many countries around the world watched the final online through ERT's official Eurovision site.

For the second semi final, on 14th May, the viewing figures, although lower, were equally impressive as between 10.45 and 10.59 (CET) they reached 42.2%.

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Stella Floras

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