Iceland celebrates new found Eurovision success

by Bjarni H. Halldorsson 52 views

Yohanna's record breaking result for Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 has been very well recieved by the Icelandic public. An airport reception and a massive outdoor gathering are some of the things that have alreay been planned for this newly crowned princess of the Icelandic nation.

Yohanna is due to arrive backin Iceland on a flight fromCopenhagen at 15:20 local time. Páll Magnússon, head of Icelandic television and radio broadcasterRÚV will meet andgreet Yohanna at Keflavík Internatioalairport.Páll is said to be very pleased with Yohanna's success at the Eurovision Song Contest.

"It was a truly spectacular performance. She has given is so much more than anyone could've dared to have hoped for." said the head of the organisation.

In reference to Iceland's current financial crisis, heamusinglyadded:"I want to thank Yohanna for her "consideration" towards RÚV. She has brought us as much success as we could've bared to take. I doubt we could've handled any more." These remarks, clearly a hint that Iceland would have struggled tohost the contest in2010, had they won. There were no doubt some fluttering hearts at the tv station as Iceland raced to the top of the leaderboard, matching Selma's second place of 1999 and Iceland's best ever points haul.

After the airport reception, Yohanna will bedriven to the city center, where a large stage is being set up and an extravagantnational celebration is due to start at 17:30 local time. Paul Oscar (Iceland – 1997)will lead the event and many other ex-Eurovision stars are due to appear. The weather in Reykjavik is the best it has been all year, with tempareturesexceeding 20 degrees celsius. It is therefore needlessto say thatthousands of people will attend the event and celebrate Iceland's new found success in the contest.

The event will be sent out live on television, starting at 17:30 local time.

Immediately after the event has taken place, Yohanna has atelevision appearanceplanned at RÚV studios. The interview will also be sent out live on television and it is due tostart at 19:00 local time.

Webcasts will unfortunatelynot be available according to the latest information.

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