Danish newspaper writes about LTV's chaos

by Daniel Ringby 2,304 views

LTV, the Latvian broadcaster and organiser of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, is suffering internal staff vendettas, economical chaos and bad planning skills. The 2003 contest may thus be hosted in another country. That's what the Danish newspaper BT writes.

This is the direct threat (of one wishes to see it so) from President Bjørn Erichsen at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

LTV (Latvijas Televizija) is yet to vouch for approximately 5,3 million euro needed for staging the contest. “Many appointments have been overlooked. Deadlines have not been held. Contracts have not been signed on time. Reports have not been delivered on time. Procedures involving the (Latvian) government have been unnecessarily delayed”, Mr Erichsen writes in a letter dated March 10, 2003.

LTV reacted the very same day, and have during the past week sent out all in all four bulletins, in which they promise to put a swift end to their current administrative chaos.

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