BigPoll predicts Eurovision Winner again

by Benny Royston 131 views

The Bigpoll correctly predicted the Eurovision Song Contest winner for the fourth time in five years. With over 150,000 predictions cast, readers correctly predicted a landslide win for Norway. They also correctly predicted 4 of the top five songs and nine countries in the top 10.

Following the Big Poll success in predicting 19 out of 20 qualifiers from the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals, hopes were high that the poll would again be accurate. Readers of did not disappoint. They predicted Norway would win a record breaking victory.

The Big Poll correctly predicted a landslide win for Alexander Rybak's fairytale entry for Norway. It also correctly predicted that Iceland, Turkey and Azerbaijan would be in the top five. The only wrong prediction in the top five was Greece, which was predicted to take third place, but finished seventh. The United Kingdom, predicted to finish seventh, took fifth place.

The only song that beat the Big Poll predictions to reach the top ten was tenth place Armenia. It made it ahead of Ukraine, which was predicted to take eighth place but finished twelfth.

The BigPoll accuracy this year has broken all Eurovision Song Contest prediction records:

The 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Predictions:

  • Eurovision Song Contest Winner: Correctly predicted Norway
  • Eurovision Song Contest Top Five: 4/5
  • Eurovision Song Contest Top Ten: 9/10
  • First Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final: 10/10
  • Second Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final: 9/10 would like to thank our readers for their honest predictions and look forward to trying to reach 100% accuracy in 2010.

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