France: great expectations for result and audience

by Dominique Dufaut 58 views

The Eurovision Song Contest has never had such a media coverage in France. Somehow, it seems we have suddenly moved to Scandinavia! Saturday's newspapers, TV channels and radio stations all deal with tonight's show.

Earlier this week, we reported about how TV magazines pay attention to the contest, thanks to Patricia Kaas. Today, TV channels (public and private), radio stations, web portals, national and regional dailies enter the media circus. Patricia Kaas can be seen on front page of France Soir and Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui, with two pages inside to analyse the French chances. Serious media also have Eurovision on top of their headlines. Libération – which already published a one-page Kaas’ presentation in its Thursday edition – is back with a long article on the contest, compared to the forthcoming European representatives elections.

Yesterday, radio station France Inter had half and hour about the contest in its news program Et pourtant elle tourne, with focus on Israel, Georgia, Ireland (the non-qualification of Eurovision champion), Belgium (the polemics around fans of Presley) and Turkey (the efforts around Hadise, with a special interview of Gülseren – Turkey 2005).

Of course, this morning’s events in Moscow gave other opportunities to TV channels and radio stations to report on what is happening around Eurovision.These are only a few examples of what can be found here and there.As for the channel itself, France 3 has prepared several teasers, which are played on fellow-channels. Julien Courbet and Cyril Hanouna – the commentating pair (our picture) – are joking in several situations.Before tonight’s show, France 3 will broadcast a 25-minute TV special entitled En attendant l’Eurovision, with facts on the backstage and the history of the contest. During its previews meeting, the OGAE France was visited by the team in charge of this program.This year, France 3’s challenge is not only to achieve a much better placing but also to increase the viewing figures, which were quite bad last year and the year before.

More to see here , from fellow French website eurovision-info.

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