France : Patricia Kaas queen of the magazines

by Dominique Dufaut 94 views

This week's French TV magazines offer Patricia Kaas a large number of pages and, at last, 4 covers . What might seem as common in many countries is to be considered as expectional in France.

But this actually comes as no big surprise, due to the stardom status of Patricia Kaas and to the huge promotion campaign. Some magazines stick to a simple presentation of the event and an interview of the French entrant. Télé Cable Sat also deals about the change in the voting and about some possible winners : Israel, Germany and the UK. Jade’s entry is said to be a combination of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer… but strangely not a single word on Andrew Lloyd Weber.

TV Magazine chose a much more personal approach of Patricia’s Eurovision participation, with a picture of the lady together with her man (Yannick Alléno, chef in a famous Parisian restaurant) and another one with Patricia’s mother, 30 years ago.In its 2-pages report, Télé Poche concentrates on the career of Ms Kaas. They also write that, unlike many rumours which usually spread in France, the Eurovision Song Contest is “not at all a contest made for amateurs”. A good thing as many complained about the fact that “France 3” sends a well-known artist and then “steals the place of a newcomer”

The most interesting articles are to be found in Télé Star and Télé Loisirs. The later writes on its front page : Why do France never win The article focuses on the problems with the points and how the televoting can change the result. Nothing new of course, but for the very first time in France, a rather good analysis of the situation, with an interview of Bruno Berberes, French head of delegation, who explains the new system for 2009. “Without the comeback of the juries, Patricia Kaas would have never accepted the challenge” the man declares.Reasons to hope and reasons to despair… that’s what Télé Star writes. On one hand, “she has nothing to loose and her mother keeps an eye on her”, on the other hand “she’s not kitsch enough and her song is depressing” !

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