Moscow Day 8 : France, Russia, Germany, UK, Spain

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Join us in the hall as the big four and the host country take to the stage for the second time in Moscow.


Today, the screens fill with the translation of the song's title in languages including Spanish, German and Russian, as Patricia sings beneath them in a classy one-sleeved black number with a touch of silver.

Already the auditorium is quite full with arriving journalists and fans, who showed a lot of appreciation after each run of the song. There was a lot of discussion between performances today, meaning that the French delegation only managed three full run-throughs.

Patricia remains in the middle of stage as the camera circles her at the beginning of the song. The performance is still simple and emotional as she builds to the graceful end and bow as the song closes. The lady is clearly in charge and the performance is consistently strong.


Some alternative graphics were shown on the floating screens today, a change from the first rehearsal where they showed a still of Anastasiya's face in a look of silent pain. Amongst the clips shown were a video of the singer crying, and a video of the singer simply mouthing the words to the song, looking mournful.

Anastasiya herself appeared today in a Grecian-style white dress, off the shoulder and trailing onto the floor in a look straight from Classical Athens. A troupe of five Russian Mamas join her to the right of the stage, dressed in black with red headscarves.


Alex was in a teasing mood today as he responded to the cries of Spanish fans in the audience by showing off his tap moves between takes. The Las Vegas, glitzy glam feel of the production is in full force as Alex sings on a light blue stage surrounded by flashing bright lights. Pyros are added to the end of the song, with fountains of gold sparks around the performers.

United Kingdom

Jade appears today in a short blue and white dress, although her support instrumentalists are dressed casually, giving no clue as to the eventual production. The young singer gave some instructions herself regarding levels, but everything ran smoothly after the initial run, and vocally each performance was excellent.

Mentor Arlene Phillips was on hand as before to give stage directions and make sure that everything is in order. Another warm reception from the audience for a song that is put across very professionally on stage.


Soraya's first run-through produced out-and-out clapping along in the audience, let alone cheers – a large contingent of Spanish fans is now on hand to rally her along, something she appreciated very much, repaying the fans with plenty of friendly acknowledgement from stage. Because of this, the applause after her performances was the biggest so far – something we will no doubt see more of for each country as more and more fans arrive in Moscow over the coming week!

Soraya is now in a glittery blue dress and black leggings, with dancers still dressed casually for now. She owns the stage. making full use of the area with the backing troupe, and turns in another very strong vocal performance. Little has changed on the set from the first rehearsal, with the dominant reds of the background and glitter graphics behind the team. However, plumes of flame now shoot from the sides of the stage at the last notes of each chorus, and at the end of the song when they are joined by a flourish of rocketing fireworks behind the group.

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