Patricia Kaas and Dima Bilan

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Patricia Kaas, the French representative gave a press conference yesterday, May the 9th after her first rehearsal. She spoke to the enourmous crowd that gathered to meet the big star.

At the press conference room, there was hardly any space left to stand. It seemed that all the accredited journalist had come to see Patricia Kaas and ask a question. It was annouced before that the press conference will be in French, but no one seemed to have a problem with that.

Every journalist, before asking the question, confessed their love for the singer. “Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I cannot believe that you are actually here with us and you are taking part in this contest” , a representative of French TV station said admiringly.

Patricia Kaas was asked to reveal a secret of her popularity in Central and Eastern European countries.

“I have toured in many countries throughout my career. At home they sometimes call me an Ambassador for the French song. I bring to my songs just the romantism, tenderness and strength that are usually associated with French music. This might be an explanation”, Patricia said.

One of the journalists mentioned that there was an Edith Piaf sound to the song chosen by Patricia.

"It’s a beautiful song that continues the French musical tradition. Edith Piaf would be a great performer for the song of this genre”, Patricia answered.

In the middle of the press conference last year’s Eurovision winner Dima Bilan joined Patricia, which actually took her by surprise. He professed his admiration for the outstanding French singer. “You’re my favorite performer and I am extremely happy to see you here”, said Dima Bilan to Patricia.

Mostly, the public was interested why, after 20 years of very successful musical career, Patricia Kaas decided to take part in Eurovision Song Contest. Patricia replied that there were many factors that contributed to her decision to represent France but there wasn’t any specific major reason: one thing just led to another.

Patricia Kaas also said that her song was dedicated to her mother’s memory. In fact, May 16 is the date when her mother died and for many years Patricia stayed true to her promise never perform on this day. Her performance at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be the first exception ever.

She believes that Eurovision Song Contestis an important event. “It’s quite different from other things I’ve been doing in the course of my career”, she said. Kaas told the journalists that she was very happy with the way the fans back home voiced their support. “Many people told that they would follow my performance very closely. I am glad that French people will support me all the way”, the singer smiled.

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