Lithuania considers withdrawal

by Arvydas Makselis 57 views

Last Wednesday Lithuanian representative at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Sasha Son had his first rehearsal. According to Lithuanian delegation and to Sasha's management it went in the worst way possible, because artistic directors didn't allow Lithuanians to use their own video projection, which was sent to Channel 1 before the deadline. Also the lights have been set up randomly and, according to Channel 1, will not be changed.

"We have done everything we had to do – to make our own video projection with social adverts for the performance of Love", says the head of Lithuanian delegation J. Vilimas. The video was sent to the Channel 1 some time ago, before the deadline. For some reasons, just before the first Sasha Son's rehearsal they told that they will not screen this projection during the performance. They present a few reasons for that: it was sent to them too late or it does not match with Greece's and Moldova's performances (that are before and after Lithuanian one).

Yesterday Channel 1 has invited Lithuanian delegation for a meeting, which wasn't successful for Lithuanians. The Contest's artistic directors stated that there will not be any video projection on the screens, because they don't think it's good and it doesn't match with contest's entirety. They have proposed to Sasha Son to use just a few moments from the video, but not the full video as it was supposed to be. Lithuanian representative said that it's better not to participate at all than to participate when nothing is being done from what you ask to be done. The same problem appeared with the lightening – directors have set up the lights totally randomly, not paying attention to what Lithuanian delegation requested.

Next Lithuanian rehearsal will take place tomorrow, on Sunday. "We will see what has been set up, and if nothing is changed – there is no point to participate. I feel ashamed because a lot of Lithuanians are waiting to see my performance with social advertisements that were promised through all my preparation time for Eurovision.Lithuanians will be upset with my performance, me too. So tomorrow, if the work of artistic directors don't satisfy us – we will withdraw", says Sasha Son. There was no statement so far from EBU.

You can see episodes of Sasha Son's social advertisement in his video below:

The first Sasha Son's rehearsal:

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