Eurovision Day 7: Denmark, Slovenia and Hungary

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Three more countries now as we reach the songs in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. After the reports videos will be added when they become available on our partner websites.

For pictures live from the hall, see today's gallery at click here.


Brinck is taking the rehearsal in his stride with a set of strong, confident run-throughs after an initial interrupted run to check sound levels. Everything sounds perfect the auditorium now, as Brinck performs in front of cool, understated neon blues and whites.

The backing group is a credit to the Danish show, as they lend the song a lot of energy with their enthusiasm. The overall effect is one of a strong and very credible pop-rock song that would not look out of place on a big arena tour. The pyros used today consist of huge, criss-crossing fountains of sparks which erupt on stage in the last chorus of the song – a striking show, but one which does not distract too much from the song itself.

There is a small contingent of Danish fans in the hall today, who raise a smile on the singer's face with their cheers. There is certainly a great vibe on stage with laughter on stage suggesting that the Danes are at ease and feeling positive about the performance.


Blues give way to deep reds as the stage is set up Slovenia. It takes a while to set up the five portals for the song, a process which should hopefully have speeded up by the time the second semifinal comes round! The silhouette effect is dramatic as ever, as the group expertly plays at full theatrical power, spinning and girating behind their screens as the intro thunders out. The group are dressed casually, giving no clue as to their final costumes yet.

The lighting is epic, with sweeping spots and fiery reds and whites flashing above the stage, and burning bright whites beating in time, an effect especially strong in the heartbeat break. Vocally it is building brilliantly too, although the vocal did sound a little loud in the hall – the rehearsals no doubt ironing out some of the problems with levels.


With characteristic energy, Zoli and the girls give it their all in the high energy dance routine today. There were some lengthy discussions about mic levels and mixing on stage, but the crew still managed to get a couple of run-throughs out of the rehearsal session.

Today Zoli appeared in green trousers and sparkly top – matching his backing singers – and the girls were in split skirts in a range of pink and yellow sequinned material. The set-up screams 'clubbing' and 'disco', and is really complimented by the angular neon blues of the lighting. He turns in a much stronger vocal performance today – a case of improving over time or saving the best until last, perhaps.

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