Accusations of plagiarism against German entry

by Oliver Rau 96 views

And another Eurovision entry is becoming the target of plagiarism accusations. This time it is Germany's entry Let's get happy, performed by red-haired Lou.

“Mr. Siegel has very clearly lifted his Grand-Prix-song 'Let's get happy' from me. The first four bars of the refrain are identical with the refrain of my song 'Weiss der Geier oder weiss er nicht',” composer Jean-Pierre Valance stated in the tabloid paper Bild am Sonntag. This song was a small hit for German schlager star Wolfgang Petry in 1998. Valance prompted Siegel to took him to Riga in May and name him as co-writer, otherwise he would go for legal action.

Siegel denied to have copied from Valance's song, although the similarities of the first four bars of the refrain are indeed very easy to spot and were pointed out by many Eurovision fans. There is no reaction from the German broadcaster yet.

Meanwhile, it became known that Lou's victory was produced during the superfinal. Elmar Brandt (a.k.a. Die Gerd Show) had received the most votes in the first televoting round. After the viewers were asked to vote a second time, chosing between the three superfinalists Brandt, Beatbetrieb and Lou, the latter surprisingly won with an advantage of 28,000 votes over Brandt, who finished third. In 2001, when the superfinal was introduced in the German preselection, and 2002, the results of the first and second voting always were the same, concerning the ranking order.

As Die Gerd Show recieved a lot of negative reactions (even during his performance in Kiel there was some boo-ing in the Ostseehalle), it is believed that Lou's victory could partly be the result of strategic voting, preventing Die Gerd Show from going to Riga.

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