SMS voting changed Dutch final ranking

by Sietse Bakker 146 views

Sunday we reported that there were problems with the Dutch voting. Or, to be more specific, the SMS voting. The NOS told that the SMS votes came in too late and couldn't be counted on time. Now the SMS figures came in it appeared Esther Hart is still the winner, but the ranking changed a bit. Barry van Cornewal reported that to mailing list Een Beetje, after NOS spokesman Ralph de Wit told that on the radio.

Initially, Bert Heerink & Manou ended up at the 7th place, now they passed Mary Amora and the Mango Nuts to the fifth place. If the NOS will change the results officially too is unknown.

1. Esther Hart
2. Gordon
3. Arwin Kluft
4. Ebonique
5. Bert Heerink & Manou
6. Mango Nuts
7. Mary Amora
8. Zooom

Bert Heerink & Manou received 30,6 percent of the SMS votes, which is around 10,000 messages. 27.9 percent of the SMS votes was for Esther Hart, but due to a high number of telephone votes she ended up as winner.

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