Jamala: A national hero and an honored artist of Ukraine

by Gil Laufer 95 views10

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A ray of light went down on Ukraine following Jamala’s win in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Having a heroic welcome at the airport, receiving the Honored Artist of Ukraine Medal and having presidents reacting to the win is just a small part of what the 32 years old artist has been through in the last 48 hours.

“An amazing performance!” twitted the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, which turned later to greetings for Jamala’s victory. “The victory was fantastic. You’ve made many people happy” said Poroshenko while handing Jamala the award during a meeting in the presidential residence earlier today.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry was introduced to nominate Jamala to be an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, whose mission is to help UNICEF improve the life of children worldwide.

The winning Ukrainian singer has got the attention of more presidents and politicants. The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has phoned Jamala in order to congratulate her and wish her good luck in her further career. This act rose rumours about a possible return of Turkey to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017.

On the other side, a pro-Kremlin politician in Russia has suggested that the country might boycott next year’s contest that should take place in one of Ukraine’s cities, blaming the organisation in a fixed result, following Sergey Lazarev’s win in the televote but finishing in the third overall place after getting the fifth place in the jury vote.

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  • MarioVision

    I feel really happy 4 Jamala <3 🙂
    Its must feel WOW for her right now! 😀
    To win the EuroVision must be the #1 greatest success for any singer! <3 😀

  • MarioVision

    I still feel surprised that it was UKRAINE that won the EuroVision
    but this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t really a fair deserved winner.

    Although my personal winner was ARMENIA to be honest
    & I was really sad that Iveta finished ONLY 7th! :'(
    I thought that she could win the whole Contest! :((

  • MarioVision

    UKRAINE might finished 2nd in the televoting but still earned 323 points!!
    Conchita in 2014 had earned 11 points less than Jamala!
    RUSSIA might earned 361 points [28 points more] but bombed in the juries with just 130 points.
    AUSTRALIA might also was the winner in the juries with over 311 points
    but did not do good in televoting & only earned 191 points there.
    Even POLAND did better & got 222 points!!
    SO,overall after the combination of both the televoting & juries
    UKRAINE deserved to WIN. End of story.

  • MarioVision

    Its like living again the aftermath of the EuroVision of 2011.
    When the winner AZERBAIJAN had was not the winner in the juries finished just 2nd with huge gap
    & won the televoting with only 2 points margin over the 2nd runner up.

    At least this year UKRAINE’S beautiful song ”1944” was so much better
    than both AUSTRALIA’s boring song & especially RUSSIA’s crappy formulaic song.

  • MarioVision

    I just preferred more ARMENIA’s song as the winner instead of UKRAINE’s
    but compared with the songs of AUSTRALIA & RUSSIA
    I’m all the way in favor of the ukrainian song.

  • MarioVision

    Mostly the negative reactions to UKRAINE’s victory
    ARE by Russians & all the fans of Russia’s song,
    along with also the supporters of Australia’s song & Dami.
    Also there are many other displeased people in this bunch of the ‘haters’
    that wanted other countries to win,

  • MarioVision

    UKRAINE might neither was my own *number 1* to win the EuroVision
    but its not that I believe though that this country wasn’t a still FAIR winner at the end.
    So I advide to all these people that didn’t witness their own favorites countries winning the ESC
    to not have this rather negative reaction towards UKRAINE’s victory.

  • MarioVision

    Its really pathetic that the dislikes of UKRAINE’s beautiful song on youtube
    are dozens thousands!
    And in certain videos,they are even more than the actual number of the likes!
    What a shame!

  • MarioVision

    They might say that AUSTRALIA would had won the EuroVision with the old system of voting last year
    or that RUSSIA would had been the winner either
    if the juries had not ranked Sergey too low on 5th place with 130 points,

    The winner IS the one that earns the most points overall & NOT who wins on televoting or in the juries
    or even who gets the most points [this scenario happened in 2013]

    Its technically possibly for a country
    ~ to NOT score a single set of douze points by any country [ it CAN happen indeed ]
    ~ to not win in either televoting or in juries [like this scenario did happened this year]
    & STILL end up as the winner of EuroVision.

    So people should seriously get over it & stop complaining.

  • MarioVision

    After all, the people of the ESC~TODAY managed to predict correctly
    that it would be really UKRAINE the country that would win the EuroVision this year!
    Good job guys, bravo & kudos to all of your team :))