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It was sunny Sunday in Belgrade when esctoday had the opportunity to have a drink with Marko Kon who, together with Milan Nikolic, represent Serbia in 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Marko was happy to answer all our questions honestly and in details.

First of all, congratulations on winning Beovizija and thank you for your time and for being here with us today. As you know is the most popular website among the Eurovision Song Contest fans and most of them are not from Serbia. So, how would you introduce yourself to them?

Well, I have been a music producer for last 15 years. I have produced over 800 acts which are registered by SOKOJ (Union of Yugoslav Composers' Organisations). There are also between 200 and 300 not registered yet and Cipela is among them. So, I am in the business since 1994 and for all these years I have had at least three songs which would end in the year`s top ten list.

I can say that there is literally no music direction I was not involved somehow, as a producer, composer etc. The most fresh cooperation is a with a rock-alternative band who will perform at a music festival in Scandinavia. Anyhow, it is known in Serbia that I composed music for Flamingosi (e.g. Ludi letnji ples, Beovizija 2006), Natasa Bekvalac, Jelena Karleusa etc. Some of my songs have been re-recorded in Turkey, Bulgaria. I would also mention cooperation with an American artist named Sin.

How much do you know about the Eurovision Song Contest? Are you a fan?

I am a huge fan! When I was younger I was always excited about Eurovision and I still am. Even during the years, when Serbia didnt compete due to political reasons and embargo, and when it was not possible to see it on Serbian TV, I would always try to find a way to see it on satellite or at least recorded on VHS. As for newer songs and performers, I can say I am a huge fan of Sertab Erener. I am in love with Everyway that I can. I was Sertab`s fan even before she participated in Eurovision. As for older songs, I love that song J`aime la vie by Sandra Kim… I would also mention Sakis, Ruslana (I met her and like her very much, one of the reasons is that my wife is Ukrainian), Sirusho, Boaz, ABBA of course, Celine Dion, Azucar Moreno.

As for the song, this is the first time Serbia is going to be represented with a song which is not a balad, and lot of people think that is good. Will there be any changes in the song and if so, when we can expect to hear the final version?

The changes are already done, and they are only production-related. When you hear the song now, it can sound the same as the old version. But, the changes can be noticed if someone listens to it more carefully. As for me it sounds completely different and in the way I wanted it to sound from the very beginning. But, what we intend to do is also to make more versions of the song: in foreign languages (English, French, Russian at least), house-dance version, tango version, horn version.

Do you intend to release official video for the song?

Well, I don't decide about that. What I know is that we are late for the official video, cause RTS had only 6 days after Beovizija to send all the material to EBU. Anyhow,at the moment I can not confirm if there will be any video for the song, except the one from Beovizija, but that is something I would like to do.

So, Eurovision 2009 is in a month and a half almost. What are the plans to promote the song? Do you plan any trips to other countries?

Again, it would be decided by the RTS team. I would go to all countries (laugh). Finaly, in my song I say: Wherever I step, there is my home. So, I would like to act in line with that message.

Do you already have any idea on that how stage performance would look like? Can we expect some changes comparing to the performance in Beovizija?

We have a choreographer. Every day we have rehearsals with him. I can promise a performance more attractive than one in Beovizija. I would say it will be a controlled-improvised performance.

Some people in Serbia express doubt when talking about potential success of Cipela? What is your message for them?

Well, that is Serbian tradition. I was already talking about that in one interview. But, that is OK for me. Since I love everything related to Serbia, I love our tradition as well.

And for the end, can you please tell us more about your hairstyle. Is your hairdresser still alive after that?

Ha, ha. Well, this is my natural hair, I only colour it. As for the hairdresser, don't worry. He is fine and very much alive. I think that he is one of the best hairdressers.

esctoday thanks Marko for his time and wishes him good luck in Moscow!

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