Stockholm Calling: Day 3 of rehearsals continue

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We here at ESCToday are ready to bring you the latest news live from the arena itself, continuing with day 3 of rehearsals where we will see the remaining 5 countries and their first rehearsals.

With first rehearsals from Latvia, Poland, Switzerland, Israel and Belarus already taking place this morning, it’s time for today’s remaining 5 acts to take to the stage at the Globe Arena this afternoon for the first time.

Day 3 of rehearsals: The schedule

All times listed below are in CEST.


The last 5 rehearsals of the day come from Serbia, Ireland, FYR Macedonia, Lithuania and Australia, where they will get to perform their rehearsed choreography on-stage for the first time this year. A short video including a first impression of each rehearsal will be uploaded via the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

06 Serbia: ZAA Sanja Vučić – Goodbye (Shelter)

A strong rehearsal from Serbia’s ZAA Sanja Vučić this afternoon with a powerful story being told throughout. Sanja’s song focuses on women at the hands of domestic violence where the staging includes a total of 5 backing dancers who interpret the story of the entry throughout. Four female backing dancers appear at the start of the performance where they are shortly after joined by a male dancer, lifting one of the female dancers and portraying a struggle between the 2. Sanja’s outfit has yet to be revealed for her semi-final performance, with more to be unveiled at a later date.

07 Ireland: Nicky Byrne – Sunlight

Nicky Byrne is next to take to the Eurovision stage where he is joined by 3 musicians, all of whom are on raised platforms. Nicky himself is centre-stage for the first half of the performance, later going on to move around the stage for the latter half of the song. Fitting with the song title itself, the stage is filled with golden and red colours, including images of the sun on the backing LED screens. Nicky’s outfit today was simplistic, wearing a leather jacket and black jeans.

08 FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi – Dona

Performing in casual clothes today, Kaliopi performed in her first rehearsal today where it was revealed that on the night of the semi-final, the singer herself would be wearing a long black dress. Kaliopi is joined on stage by 4 backing vocalists along with a drummer, all of whom perform in the background. The staging starts off with darker colours where Kaliopi is highlighted by a spotlight, but towards the latter half of the performance, flames are projected onto the LED screens.

09 Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve been waiting for this night

Donny Montell is the penultimate artist to rehearse on the Globe Arena stage today with plenty of choreography to fill out the entire performance! Shades of blue fill the stage and arena as Donny enters the stage, shortly after joined by a number of pyrotechnics throughout. The camera work focuses on Donny and his choreography; a trampoline is revealed on the stage just before the latter part of the song.

10 Australia: Dami Im – Sound of silence

A sparkling performance closes today’s rehearsals with Australia’s Dami Im. From the start of the performance, Dami sits on a squared podium in which images of miniature shining stars are projected on it as well as on the LED screens in the background. Two transparent screens appear on both side of Dami on the podium, projecting images of the night skyline. Later on, Dami rises from the podium and begins to walk across the stage, hitting the powerful notes of the song in the centre of the stage. Dami wears a long white dress in today’s rehearsals, the top half flowing down into the lower half of the dress covered in small diamonds to match the entire staging.

Day 3 of rehearsals have come to an end, with the competing nations from the first half of the second semi-final have performed on the Eurovision stage. Be sure to join us from 20:00 CEST where we will bring you the latest daily press poll results LIVE from the Globe Arena!

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