Sweden: The complete semi final results

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The complete results of the semi finals of Melodifestivalen 2009, the Swedish national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, were now revealed. 3,804,596 votes were cast in the heats.

The results of the first semi final, 7th February

Performer First round


Duel 1 Duel 2 Place
Nina Söderquist28,40459,1225th
Jonathan Fagerlund20,8477th
Shirley Clamp11,5428th
Scotts39,83172,45563,208Second chance
Caroline af Ugglas32,83984,45166,520Secondchance
Marie Serneholt23,5996th

Alcazar were the favouritesbefore the bottom three were removed, Caroline af Ugglas then took the lead. Emilia was originally fourth after the first two rounds but still made it directly to the final winning against Caroline af Ugglas.

The results of the second semi final, 14th February

PerformerFirst round Total Duel 1 Duel 2 Place
Lili & Susie30,83170,08167,859Secondchance
Lasse Lindh & Bandet 9,0848
Jennifer Brown9,6457
Amy Diamond43,35277,57169,204Second chance
Cookies 'n' Beans33,49064,6135
Måns Zelmerlöw74,821129,621107,523Final

Unlike in the first semi final, the top two remained the same throughout the voting. However, it has to be mentioned that Lili & Susie were only in fifth place before the bottom three were removed.

The results of the third semi final,21st February

PerformerFirst round Total Duel 1 Duel 2 Place
Rigo & Co18,51538,07839,124Second chance
Molly Sandén29,52355,71385,886Final
Mikael Rickfors 17,78536,2845
Maja Gullstrand10,5688
BWO41,08280,41466,108Second chance

Molly Sandén could win her duel against BWO although she was clearly behind them after the first round of voting. E.M.D. were the clear favourites throughout the whole voting.

The results of the fourth semi final, 28th February

PerformerFirst round Total Duel 1 Duel 2 Place
Star Pilots28,31158,75154,785Second chance
Susanne Alfvengren 7,5308
Anna & Maria17,2407
Sarah Dawn Finer27,39457,77648,562Secondchance
Next 321,7376
Malena Ernman48,415102,70888,870Final

In this heat, the two songs that were the favourites throughout the voting made it directly to the final in the end. Remarkably, the heat that would later produce the winner was the one with the least votes counted in total.

The results of the Second chance round, 7th March

PerformerDuel 1-4 Duel5&6 Result
Sarah Dawn Finer 88,73998,984Final
Lili & Susie65,40565,217
Amy Diamond65,493
Star Pilots84,617107,425
Rigo & Co49,543
Caroline af Ugglas 100,860111,009Final

Remarkably, the second chance round counted the most votes of all heats just like last year.

In 2008, Sweden was represented by Charlotte Perelli with the song Hero. The song finished 12th in the second semi final but still made it to the final as a jury wildcard. Eventually, it finished 18th with 47 points. It was the first time since 1987/1988 that Sweden finished outside the top ten two years in a row following the Ark's 18th place in 2007. In 2009, Malene Ernman will take part in the first semi final on 12th May with her song La voix.

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