Romania: Listen to the revamped version of The Balkan Girls

by Alexandru Busa 128 views

Elena Gheorghe finally released the revamped version of her Eurovision bid, The Balkan Girls, on the internet.

At the moment, Elena is due to finish her promo visit to Germany, where she participated at the International Tourism Fair to present the official preview clip of her Eurovision Song Contest entry, The Balkan Girls, which was filmed at the confluence of the Arge� and Neajlov rivers and in a Bucharest night lub and it is due to be released on the internet during the upcoming week.

The revamped version of the song features a brand new intro, but got no lyric change so we can still notice the "My hips are ready to glow" verse. It also sounds less xenoglossy.

Last year, Romania finished 20th with 45 points, being represented by Nico and Vlad Miriţ� with the classical ballad Pe-o margine de lume. This year, will compete in the first semi final which will take place on may 12th.

Listen to the revamped version of The Balkan Girls :

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