Russia: Russian Pre-Party organiser reacts on Hovi Star’s incident

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Few days ago, Hovi Star, the Israeli Eurovision 2016 representative, gave an interview during his promo tour in Malta. Hovi Star described an incident that took place at the Moscow airport, while he was on his way to the Russian Pre-Party, in Moscow. According to Hovi Star, he suffered of bullying by the airport security guards who also tore apart his passport. At the same time, Barei, who represents Spain this year in Eurovision and was also invited to this Pre-Party, was the first person to reveal this incident on an interview at La Vanguardia. Today, the Russian Pre-Party organisers react over these statements.

Dmitry Melnikov, the organiser of the Russian Pre-Party, claims unawareness about this incident and he expresses his sympathy to Hovi Star and the Israeli delegation.

I wasn’t aware about the incident at the airport till few days ago. If the problem was serious, and the passport was really damaged, the Israeli delegation should have told us. We would definitely ask the airport customs for explanation. I believe that there was a strange situation, but how serious the passport has been damaged, I can not say. I assume it’s not allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation with a damaged passport, but anything could happen.

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The organiser also expressed his surprise about Barei’s quote during her interview.

Anyway we must pay tribute to Hovi Star and his manager for being patient about that. And I sympathize with them. On the other hand, I was really surprised about the Spanish singer’s quote. I am confused and I don’t know the reasons why she would do that. Intentionally or accidentally, but Barei had pushed the interests of Russia and Israel against each other. She mentioned about the airport situation and Hovi had to comment on that.

That is very strange, because Barei and also Hovi have visited all activities in Moscow during their 2-days visit. All artists met a lot of people at the press-conference, in the hotel, at the venue, at the restaurant, anywhere in the city, but there was not even a hint of homophobia! We had a friendly atmosphere. Barei was even performing at the Sergey Lazarev’s birthday party and sang for him, wishing all the best. She seemed to be very happy and satisfied with the organization. That is why now it seems very strange to us.

Dmitry Melnikov, seems extremely confussed by the silence of the Israeli delegation.

The Russian pre-party was a great success. After the event we even got a letter from Hovi’s manager with thanks for everything and how happy they were to visit Russia.

It is strange that now all that is being interpreted in a negative way. I can only feel sorry for the customs officers and if they were very abusive and homophobic, I feel ashamed for them. But you should not judge on homophobia the whole country by talking only with two idiots in the glass booth. That could happen in any airport in the world. Anyway we investigate the incident. We have already sent the request for the videos from the airport cameras. If the customs officers did really damaged the passport and were abusive to the Israel citizen, they would be facing a trial according to violation of their job descriptions.

Moscow already hosted Eurovision not so long time ago, and it went well. There were absolutely no homophobia troubles, and even the Euroclub was situated right in front of the Kremlin! Fear has a hundred eyes! By my opinion the homophobia issue is exaggerated and there is absolutely no worries for the LGBT-community to come to Russia next year if Sergey Lazarev wins.

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  • Ás

    “But you should not judge on homophobia the whole country by talking only with two idiots in the glass booth.” – What if that kind of homophobic behaviour is supported and encouraged by the government?

  • Denis Bogachev

    it’s very thin border between homophobia and just stupid people. Normally officially Putin says that there’s no restriction to be gay. And in fact it works, because his team and even parliament of Russia have many gay. And everybody knows about it. Of course, you will see strange views to you if you will go in women dress, because it’s unusual here and of course some stupid people can have some disagree with such kind of image. We all do it in our live. We judge permanently. And many gays do it every day… Just try to go to Barcelona and try to get acquainted with some very handsome gay. I think he will ignore most of gays. Just ignore, because he is so handsome like God and he is ready to talk only with another God.
    Nevertheless it’s just philosophy. There’s no one gay in prison in Russia just because he is gay. If don’t believe, try to find some news about it on bbc.
    Yesterday I hosted my friend from Slovenia and he told that Moscow is amazing. We visited some gay places and still alive:) On Friday we will go to gay club. So, if you want, you can come and I will show to live here and you will judge after it.

  • גבי טל

    who wrote this matiriel ? the pr maneger of hovi ? all israel is shame about this stuped story that simse to be as writen by other madias as false fro witness were there… after the trik is not working and make damage to israel the pr tryung to manipulate becouse the bad reactions in israel against this story and the israeli singer and tje song… it was buter that your site didnt publish stupid cumunicats by manipulators…. dont vote for israel that have bed song this year and pr will not help here anyway vote for the best song and singer ser gay lazarev/// no 1 ….

  • גבי טל

    the russian autorities show the video that its false and israel shoud apolugies for this pr manipulation action///

  • George Kafantaris

    Russia is behind the times. What else is new.

  • MarioVision

    Well I read that the biggest gay club in Moscow had to close down
    because of endless abusive attacks by homophobic people..
    Its definitely not safe 4 the gay people to walk there & especially for the ones that you can recognize that they are gay only by their appearance/body language..

  • MarioVision

    But STILL this doesn’t mean that RUSSIA can host the EuroVision next year
    with providing the ideal gay friendly invironment to the gay eurofans..
    At least for now. If we give it few/some more years of course the situation can change for the better
    & Russia could possibly host the EuroVision then in the required fine conditions 4 us..
    But I don’t think that Russia IS ready to host the contest next year..
    Its way too early for this to happen..

  • Denis Bogachev

    Hello Mario.
    Actually it’s not true. At least as I know it. Any club is business and they need some noise from time to time to attract some attention. That place was a bit small for all people who wanted to visit it. Also it was a lot of people were under drug intoxication although security tried to check everybody at the enter to club. As I know it was a scandal between owner of building and club management and price for rent. Currently this club moved to another location (bigger), has 2 huge dance floors, few floors with bars, terrace and restaurant. Also sauna of this club next door. And we have about 5 more gay clubs more. It’s a bit small, but primary for young people and nobody tried to close it.
    If you want, I can do some pictures from streets with oblivious gays and send it to your email. I have many such friends who behavior like a woman. I respect their nature. And they didn’t tell me some bad news about their problem with someone. For example I attached normal “view” of my friend. We had never met some problems on the street while we were walking. So decide yourself.

  • MarioVision

    @ OK, thank you for all these helpful information Denis.
    You covered it pretty fine..

  • Denis Bogachev

    You are welcome:) I don’t deny that Russia has many problems with gay rights, but it’s no so awful as it seems. For example Eurovision was in Baku and I’m almost sure that they have more problems with homophobia because it’s Islamic country, but I like Azerbaijan and hope that they will be better and better.
    And I wrote it in another post, but it was moderated and deleted without notification. You are very welcome to visit Moscow anytime you want. I will try to do my best to show you around and I will guard you:))) But seriously I hate russian politics, but I love my country and I try to be very friendly to everybody who visit my country, because it’s really beautiful.

  • MarioVision

    @ Oh Denis you are so nice 🙂
    Thank you..
    Hugs :))

  • MarioVision

    @ The jacket of your friend ROCKS! <3
    I want the same jacket 4 me! 😛 😉

  • Denis Bogachev

    As I know he did it himself:) But I think that it’s possible to do something like that in shops:)

  • RostBurov

    IMHO that Israeli guy (or whatever it is) is a blatant liar! How could he possibly get into the country with his passport ‘ripped’ and get out of it? If there was a problem – why not tell about it straight away after the incident – if there was one – to the organizers or the Israeli embassy or police or whoever?
    All this bullshit is just to draw attention to untalented performer with painted lips and a heap of makeup on his face!

  • RostBurov

    And just in case – There are lots of gay clubs in Moscow !! –
    you’ll have a good time –
    As soon as you do not Parade !
    Otherwise sex is not prohibited in Russia LOL ! )))))))))))))

  • RostBurov

    Moscow Calling!!!!

  • RostBurov

    Just imagine yourself with your normal picture in your passport
    And you come to the airport customs check painted like Lady Gaga – what would you expect?

  • RostBurov

    What do you mean by ‘ ideal gay friendly invironment’ –
    gays fucking in Metro?
    Please explain

  • RostBurov

    What do you mean by ‘ ideal gay friendly invironment’ – &
    gays fucking in Metro?
    Please explain

  • Sebastian Barbu

    Not judge after 2 idiots? Common… this country is 99% homophobic and narrow minded!!! Should be out of the contest!!!

  • Nacho Saarinen

    Barei did what she had to do. She has said clearly that she had no problem with neither Sergey or the event organisers. She just told an embarrassing situation that she lived, and it is a consequence of Russian policy that has institutionalised homophobia. You are just trying to kill the messenger.

  • ivan M.

    Ira Losco was there too, and she talked about it too so … How the organization can say that it’s an exageration. Maybe for you and your country means nothing because your politics but fir the rest it’s not the case.

  • גבי טל

    Today the mother of Hovi Star gives a different version of the story with an interview that she gave to local media: “It was three and a half weeks ago, I don’t understand why this became a big deal. When Hovi Star came back from Moscow he told me that they ruined his passport because they thought it was a fake one. He really did not take it hard”.